The NFL Combine begins today at Lucas Oil Stadium: and other than a few players whose agents have pre-programmed them to geek up and dominate every single second and very little interaction while they’re there, you know none of them want to. That every last one of them thinks it’s degrading, demeaning, and a big waste of time given how much tape there is on all of them, and how little these drills and interviews really mean.

My favorite is the guys who may have physical issues or questions about their health. They’re probably fine when they arrive, but you know they’re hurt by the time all the doctors are done ripping on all their joints and ligaments. Trust me, dudes hate the process. They’re not quote, embracing the suck.

Just ask Cleveland Browns legend, Joe Thomas. He tweeted yesterday: “Sorry 2 the suckers that have to go to the cattle auction this week! Don’t forget to lie to teams and say how much “fun” it is! #combine


He then chased that with:“Don’t worry; the staff, coaches, and mgmt don’t want to be there anymore than you do, so you’re not alone. Great for fans though.”

Have to love this guy: best in the game at his position, spending his entire career with the worst team in the sport. But it hasn’t negatively impact his rap. At all.

Then again, this dude has always been his own man. Remember, he just up and skipped the 2007 Draft… which he went 3rd in by the way…  to go fishing. What a boss.

And earlier this month he ripped the commish post Super Bowl: “I especially enjoyed how over-eager Roger was to smile at all the Patriots and give them a big handshake, but then as soon as he gave them the trophy he scurried off the stage like a rat. It was awesome.” If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this future hall of famer just tried to put the commissioner in the FAMILY.

And now he’s comparing the combine to a cow clearance. And you know someone from the league is going to get to him, and hey man, give it a rest: this is a great racquet. You can’t get a job without an interview; and we’ve taken this dog and pony show and turned it into gold. So shut your mouth, before fans and the networks figure out what the hell we’re doing to them.

As for all the cows participating… If these steers slip up once, it could cost them millions. Miss one too many questions on the Wonderlic, miss a couple inches on your broad jump, get a few hundredths of a second added to your shuttle run? You can go ahead and knock off a house or a yacht off your contract.



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