The rebuild is on. Less than a week after getting rid of Nick Mangold, the Jets announced they’re releasing Darrelle Revis.

No shock here: the guy is nowhere near the player he used to be, and was embarrassed and torched repeatedly on the field this year. Couple the fact that he now gets routinely beaten and that he was going to count $15.3 million against the 2017 salary cap, this isn’t surprising at all.

The surprise is how far he’s fallen and how fast it happened. This guy was a first team All-Pro just two years ago. He signed fat deal to return to the Jets just two years ago. And now he’s out in the street.

Not a good place for him to be considering the last time he was there, he got hit with four felony charges.

Then again, you have to think he was going to get cut whether he was the one who put those two fools to sleep in the middle of the night or not. No way they were bringing this guy back considering how badly he played and how much he was going to count against the cap.

He knew it, which is why he reportedly offered to take a paycut. And if we know anything about Revis he’s not leaving any money on the table, ever, for any reason. The fact that he was willing to take a paycut tells you he knows what time it is. Just as offering to move to safety does too.

But the Jets weren’t interested in any of that reportedly. So he’s out on the street. And if you see him, roll up on him at your own risk.

And whatever you do, don’t stick your phone in his face. Unless you want to risk getting yours broken. He’s finished with the Jets; only question now is, is he finished in the league?


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