Celtics/Cavs last night at the Garden had a lot of people watching anticipating that this matchup might be a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals in a few months. Sign me the hell up for another 7 games of this.

Last night: 103-99, Celtics. LeBron’s triple-double wasted as a 5 foot 9 Isaiah Thomas went legend in the fourth quarter, again, before finishing with 31 and leading his crew to the Big W. But even more important than getting a win over the team they’re chasing, was getting it with a legend sitting courtside. No, not Bill Russell. Or John Havlicek. Or Pedro Martinez. Or Bobby Orr.  Roll all those dudes into one and you still don’t equal the one Boston treasure that was sitting courtside geeking the Celtics out. Hell, the guy even had Cavalier players freaking out. I’m talking about…..The Freakin Hood.

Bill No Days Off Belichick. Front Row. Under the basket with his girlfriend Linda Holiday, taking ANOTHER day off and taking it all in.

Think that crowd was happy to see that guy?

You gotta see this video. My man cracked a smile! A legitimate smile. He tried to fight it, but the adoration was too much. You can see his face trying so hard not to give into natural, human emotion. But his permanent scowl slowly melted away into a wry smile for the first time since the parade. Dude even played it up, reluctantly raising his hand above his shoulder for some fake, halfhearted wave to the crowd. Who is this guy? What the hell happened to him?

Hood’s night was just getting started because a few minutes later LeBron missed a rebound on the run and all 250 pounds of the greatest basketball player in the world careened out of control on was a collision course for the greatest football coach in the world. And if it wasn’t for a camera man who had to wear it instead, Hood’s night probably would have ended in Massachusetts General Hospital.


Turns out LeBron picks and chooses who he pulls the E-Brake for. “I definitely slowed up because I knew it was him. I’m not taking no legend out.”

Yeah, ok, King. More like—you wanted to get out of the Garden alive last night so you pulled up as hard as you could to not truck the God of the Boston in his own house.

During a timeout, a Globetrotter and a camera crew rolled up on Belichick to show him a few tricks. The Hood had a look of genuine astonishment on his face as a Harlem Globetrotter spun a basketball on his finger right in front of him and his lady. The smartest coach ever, completely amazed by a spinning rock. Dude was like a six year old going to the circus for the first time! Could you imagine this guy front row during the magic act at a kid’s birthday party?

All that was missing from last night was a microphone on the hood so we could hear him cheering along with the rest of the crowd.

Amazing that a guy who’s that smart, and goes out of his way to be so humorless, is so amazed by a spinning basketball. NFL coaches and coordinators have spent years trying to figure out how to stump this guy and all it would take is some dude with a third grade basketball trick. Just wait til he sees the old bucket of water/confetti stunt. His head will explode.


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