Golden State went down again last night, this time to the Bulls 94-87. They hadn’t lost back-to-back regular season games in two years; an astounding stat.

And they’re now 0-2 since Kevin Durant went down. That’s not as surprising.

Look, no one thought losing an MVP and four time scoring champ was going to be easy. You had to know that at least in the short term, they were going to struggle. The guy makes the game so much easier for everyone around him, and when you lose that, suddenly you’re going to have to find a way to compensate. Especially considering they don’t have the depth now that they did the last couple of years.

Of course, losing Durant is a concern. But their more immediate concern are Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, because without Durant, they’re going to need to step up. Right now, both of them are having trouble making shots. And while it’s a given that their shots aren’t always going to fall, and that one of them might be off for a game or two, it’s unusual to see them both go cold at the same and for it stretch out over several games.  And that’s what’s happening right now.

I said they’d be fine when Durant went down. And I still think they will. No need to hit the panic button dub nation. While Curry and Thompson are struggling, and missing shots they normally make, they’ll be fine. And so will the team. But they do need to wake up and realize they can’t just roll the ball out and assume a “W”; even against a mediocre team like the Bulls. They’re going to have to grind until Durant comes back. And find ways to win even when their shots are going down.


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