Don’t look now, but the COMBINE GEEKS are out in full force. Get the RED FLAGS OUT, because Christian McCaffrey did just TEN REPS on the 225-pound bench press.

That’s it. Take him off my big board. Ten reps? Did you see that Samaje Perine do 33? That means he must be like… THREE TIMES the running back of McCaffrey.

Stop. Just stop. Nobody’s drafting McCaffrey because he’s got the biggest PECS in the draft. And the reaction online to the workout was priceless. Keyboard warriors everywhere acting like 10 reps of 225 meant that McCaffrey was all of a sudden built out of two-ply, like in between that bag of chips and 60 ounce jug of diet soda they’re off super-setting dumbells and wall sits. Take those 3 years of Pac-12 highlights and FLUSH THEM DOWN THE DRAIN because McCaffrey looked completely taxed by rep 7 and needed the spotter to step in when he couldn’t get his 11th rep up.

What was McCaffrey doing when he took off the bowl game to prep for the combine? Sitting on the couch? I’ll make a bet — that EVERY SINGLE person who talked smack about McCaffrey’s bench reps might cave a hole in their chest when they try to push 225 off the rack. Can you imagine if they had COMBINE CAM on Fred Smoot back in the day when he went ONE REP and then racked it? They’d have KILLED HIM. And I get basketball isn’t the same sport — but Kevin Durant’s bench press — when he did ZERO reps of 185 pounds when he came into the league — man, that really held him back.

It’s already annoying enough that McCaffrey gets labeled as “gritty” or a “great third down back” or “a sneaky good athlete” who looks like a “better Danny Woodhead,” just like his dad became the standard bearer for every “great possession guy” and being an awesome “chain mover” and “good in the red zone.”

It was lazy then like it’s lazy now and it completely misses the boat on a running back who was probably the most dangerous player in college football the past two seasons.

So step away from the monitor, Combine Dork. And while that subpar bench press probably drops the Wild Caff down on your latest Mock Draft board that nobody will ever see, remember that the UNDERWEAR OLYMPICS are no replacement for actual football.


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