Colin Kaepernick now says he will stand for the national anthem in 2017.

Obvious question. Why? What’s changed? ESPN reports he longer wants his form of protest to detract from the positive change he believes has resulted. Of course, those of you who hate this guy and what he represents can’t wait to call him a hypocrite, or worse, and say that the only reason he’s doing it is because he’s about to become a free agent and needs a job.

I don’t have problem with this guy reversing course and saying he’ll stand next season. Does it have something to do with him being a free agent? Maybe. I don’t know. Only he knows that.

Fact is, people who didn’t like him taking a knee in the first place probably will think he’s a hypocrite now that he’s going to stand.

But the truth is, he generated an enormous amount of discussion on the issue of social inequality. And he, donated one million dollars to a number of organizations and had that gift matched by the Niners. So, he made his mark. He stimulated a much needed dialogue.

So as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have to do it permanently if he doesn’t want to. And I’m sure he’ll probably continue to try to impact change off the field. The discussion doesn’t end once he stands back up.

And as far as do I want this guy on my team? I’m sure there are a few owners that want nothing to do with a guy who wouldn’t stand for the national anthem, but if you look at the dirt bags that many others bring in, bags who are much worse as guys than Kaepernick will ever be, you know teams are always looking for someone who is better than what they have currently and gives them a better chance to win. So if I need a Q.B., and I think Kaepernick is the best fit for the team does, of course, I’d bring him in. Because while his stand may have divided a nation, in and of itself it divide that locker room. Would you want this guy on your team or not? And do you think he’s standing because he made his point and doesn’t want to be a distraction or do you think the guy is only doing it because he needs a job?


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