Last week, Keith “One Time” Thurman rolled his Prius into the jungle and left with a tank of full of karma before his welterweight title fight Saturday on CBS.

And if you missed it, Thurman beat Danny Garcia in a split decision to not only defend his WBA belt, but he also ripped Garcia’s WBC belt in the process.

For Thurman, he leaves Brooklyn with hardware draped over each shoulder. For Garcia, he leaves Brooklyn without his belt and his first loss. And, of course, having to explain Angel Garcia going Angel Garcia once again.

Everyone in boxing has seen this guy’s act. He’s a live wire. There have been some wild characters in this sport but you can go ahead and throw this dude in the top five of all time. Tough to say how much of this about this dude keeping it real and how much of it is an act; I just know there isn’t another dude in the game who spits the nonsense that Angel Garcia unloads: that whole father-son, trainer-fighter thing has always been weird in boxing.

And it just got even weirder after Thurman ripped Angel’s kid’s belt. The judges saw it as split decision. I had Thurman winning pretty easily; I don’t see how that one judge scored it for Garcia. But Angel wasn’t having any of that:


Angel, I get that you’re street. And I get that that’s your kid. And I like your kid, a lot, as a fighter and as a guy. But there’s no one anywhere who matters who thinks your kid won that fight. So you freaking out isn’t helping em, its hurtin, Angel, and you should be pulling a tape measure job on your opponent’s unit, man!

Again, this dude is way, way out there. And his kid, the actual fighter, would never think much less say most of what comes flying out his old man’s mouth. And on some level, boxing needs some of that. But not all of that. And best not talk junk about someone elses junk. Especially, when your kid obviously lost the fight.

Reality is, if you’re not the dude doing the fighting, you’re best off not talking at all. Nothing good has ever come from a sports dad bumping his gums about his kid. You’re the parent-he’s the athlete. Smack’s fine. So is personality. But everyone knows where the line is. Everyone except Angel Garcia. That line is in his rear view mirror and he’s still flooring it.


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