Mark Cuban says Russell Westbrook is not an MVP candidate: that not only should he not win the award, but he really shouldn’t even be under consideration for it: that it should come down to James Harden and LeBron James.

You hear that and you think that’s your standard Mark Cuban troll job. That there’s something between these two and this is just Cuban going in again. It’s not like the first time he’s taken a run at Westbrook.

Remember last year? He said Westbrook was an All-Star but not a superstar. So there’s obviously something between Cuban and Westbrook. He swerves way out of his lane, way too often to crack this guy to think otherwise.

But that said, this isn’t some whack troll job. And there’s something to what he’s saying.  Considering he’s averaging a triple double this season, I disagree when he says Westbrook shouldn’t even be it the conversation. He should be. But he’s right when he says he’s not the MVP.

Most spectacular this season? Absolutely. Most valuable? Far from it. How “valuable” is the guy really? Sure, the first thing  you ask is, ‘but where would they be without this guy?”  I’d ask, where are they with him? They’re projected to win 45 games, so they might be nothing without him, but they’re not a helluva lot with him either. There hasn’t been an  MVP on a team with less than 50 wins since the 81-82 season, and there won’t be one this season.

Cuban’s wrong when he says Westbrook isn’t a superstar; he is. Obviously. But Cuban is right when he says Westbrook isn’t the MVP. Harden, LeBron James, and Kawaii Leonard are all more valuable than Westbrook is. And I’d even argue that Steph Curry and even Isaiah Thomas are as valuable as or more so than Westbrook. Westbrook is a freak of nature and arguably the most spectacular player this season. But not the most valuable… Cuban is right.

Never mind where they’d be without him. Where are they with him. One and done.  Maybe. Maybe. I want to see how the last 20 or so games play out, but I’m going with someone who is on a team with a chance to go on a deep run; and not with a guy putting on crazy numbers on a team that’s not going anywhere.

Cuban can troll with the best of them, but in this case, that’s not what he’s doing. In this case, he’s right.


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