Did you catch Andrew Bogut’s Cleveland Cavaliers debut last night? Not if you blinked you didn’t. The dude checked in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now he’s done. Gone in 60 seconds. Less than, actually.


Look, I’m not making light of a guy’s injury. Especially Bogut who is a big Jungle Favorite. And especially if the injury is fractured left tibia. And especially when LeBron claims he heard it break.”

If the Cavs didn’t rip a title last year, I swear, I’d think that city is still cursed. Hard not to.

LeBron asked for help. Got it. And less than a minute in, lost it. And this is what I meant when I said Cavs GM David Griffin doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves for the job he’s done. And because of the moves he’s made this year, they are or were, definitely deeper than they were a year ago at this time. And that no, it didn’t look good for Golden State when Kevin Durant went down. But I did say you have to pump the breaks on the Cavs, because there’s no guarantee all those pieces will fit or that they will have enough to jell when guys come back late in the season from injury. And…and….oh knows what might happen between now and the playoffs. Anything can happen: like bringing in a big only to have him snap his stick one minute into his time with the team. So you really don’t know.

How a team looks on paper may have very little to do with how they play on the floor.  Especially, if a guy you were counting on goes down after just one minute. So that’s bad news for them and a terrible break for him.

That definitely impacts what they were hoping to do. Allowed them to go big for long stretches with either Thompson or Bogut on the floor, if they wanted to in the playoffs. Bogut was going to make them bigger and tougher on defense, and offensively he can make such an impact with his screens and passing. Bringing him in made them more versatile and gave Lue another option for how to play, but that’s gone.

Whatever you tell me, don’t tell me that doesn’t matter. Or that the guy was only averaging 3 points per game so it’s not a big loss at all. Looking at, and listening to LeBron, you could tell how much they wanted him and needed him. And while losing him isn’t going to cost them a ring in and of itself, did make that road to the ring that much harder.

So the Cavs and their fans are taking this pretty hard. But not as hard as you clones, who will never forget Bogut once coming in and shouting out to Toby.


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