As Adrian Peterson explores the market for his services, he might be disappointed. At 32, coming off another knee injury — AND a career-worst in yards per carry — the guy who set the market for running backs is looking at a new reality after the Vikings refused to exercise his $18 MILLION option.

But maybe there’s something better out there for him. Maybe, he just becomes a Patriot. Because as New England prepares to say goodbye to LeGarrette Blount —  the Boston Herald is connecting AP and the Patriots — a pretty nice fallback option for a team that every year says goodbye to someone; and this offseason is preparing to part ways with Blount as he looks to test the open market after scoring 18 touchdowns last year.

Must be nice. Because if the Pats can talk AP into ring shopping instead of chasing a few extra zeros on every paycheck, it’s the kind of win-win that ONLY the Hoodman can pull off.

That’s the Patriots way. Flash a blinged-out box full of Jostens at a guy and then say take it or leave it. You don’t want it? We already have five other guys who do. So A.P. would  be smart to say yes.

And after looking like every other running back who lost the battle to Father Time, if Peterson is really willing to bet on himself this offseason, and he’s healthy after ripping up his knee early last year — then there’s no better place to prove it than in Foxboro.

If nobody’s going to pay you what you think you’re worth, why not chase that NEXT pay check with the HOOD and TB12? Hell, he can leave the blocking and pass catching to somebody else. All they need is for AP to replace Blount’s sledgehammer -even if Peterson has lost a step — he can still deliver punishment between the tackles.

The Herald claims that Peterson is willing to give the Pats the same type of discount that Darrelle Revis and Chris Long gave them. So while that 32nd birthday party in a few weeks might be shy a few camels and a lemur, Peterson could be the latest vet to give the Pats a championship discount, joining the juggernaut by leaving cash on the table to go chase some diamonds. And if all goes as planned, he can take a shot at finding someone else to pay him next year.

And then find someone ELSE to pay him next year. And the best chance of that happening is if you show up wearing a ring.

I’m not privy to what this guy has in the bank. And I don’t want people telling me what to do with my money. Or where I should work. But I’m telling this guy to go work for the Patriots. Get your ring, and look to get your bank off it afterwards. Because you’re not going to get anywhere near what you want in the open market.

And remember, you don’t pick the Hoodie, he picks you.


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