You may feel uneasy about the reports of Mike Glennon potentially inking $14-15 million a year in free agency. I get it. You’re not ready to live in a world where this skinny NC State alum is making more money than Richard Sherman, Julio Jones, and Clay Matthews. Especially since he’s only thrown 11 passes in the past two seasons combined… all 11 of which came in one game last November.

The guy will have more MILLIONS than he has THOUSANDS of Twitter followers.

I get it.

But you can rest easy. He is worth that hellified jack. Not just because someone’s willing to give it to him. And not just because I say he is. But because a former NFL legend by the name of Dan, says he is. No. Not Dan Fouts. Or Dan Marino. Dan Orlovsky:

@DanOrlovsky7 tweeted this:“I know Mike Glennon. I’ve sat in the room with him, watched him work, practice and play. He’s an NFL starting QB all day long. #freeagency”

Shut it down, let’s go home!! If Dan Orlovsky said it, it must be true… You know Dan Orlovsky, right? The 3-24 lifetime Dan Orlovsky. The 2-10 as a starter Dan Orlovsky. UConn football LEGEND Dan Orlovsky. The same Dan Orlovsky who did this:


This guy is more of a trivia answer than NFL quarterback. As in which quarterback started the most games for the 0-16 Detroit Lions?

No offense, but Dan Orlovsky isn’t exactly George Whitfield. He’s no quarterback whisperer. But because he sat in a room with Mike Glennon, he can vouch for him. Thanks, Jon Gruden. More likely, Orlovsky’s thinking, if he can really convince someone to stack $15 mill per for Glennon, he could probably get 5 mill himself to back him up. No wonder he’s selling this so hard.

I’m not saying Glennon won’t start. I’m not even saying there isn’t a team dumb enough to give him $15 mill per. Hell, the Texans guaranteed Brock Osweiler $37 mill; and John Elway, an alleged genius, almost went that high for Osweiler as well. I’m not saying someone won’t do it. I’m saying I’d feel a helluva lot better about it if someone other than Dan Orlovsky was saying it’s the right thing to do.



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