Exactly what I was talking about yesterday when I said Russell Westbrook is not the MVP this year: the cat was unconscious again last night, going for a career high 58 in Portland.

Another ridiculous night in a ridiculous season. Russell Westbrook is having one of the greatest seasons in NBA history. He’s averaging a triple double. Let me repeat that: he is averaging a triple double, with 32 points. That’s something that you read about in history books. Not something you actually get to witness.

But just because he’s having one of the all-time greatest seasons in NBA history, doesn’t mean he’ll be the MVP.

Why? I’ll give you four reasons. 1 – The Thunder lost last night. 58 points and they lost. He does this stuff all the time, and it just doesn’t matter. Because there’s really no one else on that roster who does. And no, that’s not Westbrook’s fault. Not at all. But yes, that’s hurting his cause in the MVP race. Because as freaky as he is, he still can’t win going 1 on 5. Believe me, he tried last night. And they lost again. And it’s not that he was just heaving up one crazy shot after another. He was 21 of 39 last night, nearly 54% from the field. But it still wasn’t enough.

OKC has lost four in a row now. And aren’t a threat in the west. They’re not that good. They’re not going anywhere. The point isn’t that he’s not outstanding. And impressive. And amazing. And spectacular. He’s all those things. But he’s not the MVP. And that award goes to guys whose teams are winning. And OKC isn’t.

Again… None of this is Westbrook’s fault. It’s not his fault they’re not going to make a run in the postseason. And as for the other three reasons why he shouldn’t be MVP, they are: Beard, Kawhi, and LeBron. They are all having monster seasons, and they’re winning.

Harden’s third in scoring and leading the league in assists, and has taken a Rockets team that was terrible and led them to the third spot in the west. Kawhi Leonard is averaging 26 and 6, arguably the best defensive player in the game, and just outplayed Harden head to head in a win. And he’s doing it by lighting it up offensively every night while having to guard the other team’s best player every time he hits the floor.

And LeBron James is LeBron James. You can legitimately give him the award every single year and the only reason you don’t is because the voters aren’t going with the same dude every single season.

So sit back and enjoy the Russell Westbrook show, and you should, because it’s incredible. Just don’t expect it to end with the MVP trophy. Because it won’t. And it shouldn’t.


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