Raiders Owner Mark Davis recently secured over $650 million from Bank of America to help finance their proposed $1.9 billion stadium in Las Vegas. On Thursday, Bleacher Report NFL writer Jason Cole told The Jim Rome Show the writing is pretty much on the wall that the team will move to Sin City.

“It’s pretty overwhelming that they’re going to move,” Cole said. “The concerns about this are does Mark Davis get way in over his head debt wise. But the flip side of it is, there’s no answer in Oakland. There’s no way for them to get control of the property, there’s no way for them to build a stadium, there’s no public support. So absent any kind of plan in Oakland, how are you going to solve this? You have no choice but to say it looks like Vegas.”

Cole says amongst NFL Owners currently there’s numerous opinions about whether or not they want Davis to relocate the Raiders, but he expects them ultimately to get 24 of the 32 “yes” votes they need to leave Oakland, because the city couldn’t get anything done on a new stadium.

“Those 31 other people all come up with different scenarios and different concerns. So it’s not one opinion,” Cole said. “Yes, some of them are excited about the Raiders going to Vegas. They think it’s going to be a Bonanza kind of thing. Some of them are sitting there going why are we leaving Oakland? We had such a great market, and such a loyal fan base. Some of them are looking at it realistically like I don’t want this to really happen, but I see that there’s no choice. There’s no way to get a new stadium in Oakland. There hasn’t been for years, so they will grudgingly accept it.

“The opinion’s all over the place in that spectrum and in that line. That’s why ultimately it’s probably going to be an approval of the Raiders going to Vegas despite the fact that most the owners sit there and go this is not what we want to have happen.”




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