Tim Tebow had himself a day. A horrible day. Hitting in the 8 hole for the Mets in a spring training game, Tebow went LEGEND with a stat line for the ages — 0 for 3 with  2 Strike Outs and a double-play groundout in three official at-bats. He did manage to get hit by a pitch, only to get doubled off first base after it happened. So I knew actually putting this guy in a game, if it was a split squader in the Grapefruit League was going to be a disaster, but this was so much worse that I could even imagined.

At one point, dude even went to the wrong on deck circle and had to be called back by his manager Terry Collins. The guy literally was taking practice swing near Boston’s on deck circle!! Rick Porcello, the pitcher he was going to face said, “I didn’t know who that was back there. I thought it was the ball boy.”

Seriously, how the hell do you end up there?! You have to walk around behind the plate to end up there! What’s next? Wandering out to the bullpen for a few practice cuts?! So never mind not knowing how to play baseball; he doesn’t even know where to stand!

And he’s pretty terrible at the game: he managed to be a part of SIX OUTS in 3 official plate appearances. Six outs in 3 official at-bats! And since as ESPN’S David Fleming point out, failure is Tebow’s business, business is boomin.

And now he has a title for his next book: “Get up three times, get out SIX times.”

That’s the most Tim Tebow stat ever, playing baseball the Tim Tebow way — 200% effort, 100 percent humiliation.

Of course, that’s the thing. He’s not embarrassed. In fact, he’s hyped. He doesn’t think that he had one of the worst days ever between the lines, he thinks he got some much needed feedback, that he can go to work on. He didn’t fail! No, he’ll remind that failure is not taking that shot. Failure is refusing to enter the arena. And he’s all in, so it’s all good.  And his lapdogs, will once again eat it all up.

That reaction is no surprise. Neither is looking as bad between the lines as he did yesterday… You don’t take the musclehead you see at the gym shrugging 600 pounds, who played a little high school baseball back in the day and ask him to go hit the reigning Cy Young Award winner. But then again, the only thing THAT GUY is shoving down your throat is that Fitness Diet pyramid scheme he keeps posting on Facebook Live — while doing synchronized pull-ups with his 8-packed gym girlfriend. No juice head, I don’t want your protein powder. And no Timothy, I don’t want to see your latest exercise in humility.

Tebow is a fascinating guy. A terrible baseball player but a fascinating guy. And while so much of what he does and says should be applauded, it’d be much easier to do that if he wasn’t JAMMING his latest profile in courage down our throat — along with that new authorized Mets gamer that’s selling for 99.99.

So while they continue to cut in live to watch his next strike out, or double play he’s grounded into, or fly ball he butchered, never forget, Tebow is in the business of failure. And right now, business is good. In fact, it’s BOOMIN!

As disastrous as this guy’s day was with a bat in his hand, just be glad they didn’t hand him a glove; trust me, he would have done something even more embarrassing in the field than he did in the batter’s box, because as one scout told the New York Daily News, “I hate to say it but he’s actually a better hitter than he is an outfielder.”


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