Right when it appeared the Redskins may have turned the corner and might not be one of the most embarrassing, dysfunctional franchises in the league, they went right back to doing what they do, and being who they are. A straight clown show.

After locking GM Scot McCloughan out of the building for weeks, and letting him twist, they finally get around to firing the guy yesterday, two years into a four year deal. This guy is widely thought of as one of the game’s top talent evaluators, yet he was with the team at the scouting combine, and just got whacked on the first day of free agency, two of the most important periods for a talent evaluator. And that’s what they brought this guy in to do: evaluate talent.

So what the hell happened? The team has been saying all along that he was tending to a family matter and that’s why he wasn’t at work. That apparently is a lie, because a source told the Washington Post, i.e. someone from the Redskins looking to bury and smear McCloughan, that the firing was a result of McCloughan’s ongoing issues with the bottle.  The source said, quote: “he’s had multiple relapses due to alcohol.  He showed up in the locker room drunk on multiple occasions…this has been a disaster for 18 months.”  Right.

Like the Redskins haven’t been a disaster since Dan Snyder arrived. Because this is precisely the type of thing that has always gone on under his watch.

Look, if you cause to fire the guy, then do and say why you’re doing it. You don’t go all greaseball and anonymous murder the guy on the way out the door. Especially if it’s not true. And who knows if it is. I’m not saying it’s not. But the Washington Post also reports that of the half a dozen players they spoke to, none of them had ever seen McCloughan drink in the locker room. And all but one said they never saw him out of control. And never felt like he wasn’t doing his job. One player even said, “I don’t what their issue is with him. But all the players love Scot.”

So what is their issue with him? Was it that he was showing up to work drunk and it impaired his performance. Or was there some sort of power play inside the building.  Mike Jones, who has been all over the story for the Washington Post tweeted, “was told late in the season of jealously up top and how they’d one day use McCloughan’s drinking as an excuse to can him. Exactly what happened.”

So did they fire him because he relapsed or were he and Bruce Allen knocking heads? Or was Dan Snyder not getting enough credit for their little turnaround. Or both. Either way it’s another black eye for a franchise that long ago ran out of them to dot. Whatever progress they made, they’ve given it back. And some.


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