So if they don’t want Brock Osweiler to play Q.B., where does that leave them at the position? They currently have Osweiler, Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan. In other words, a whole lot of trash so maybe, they’re looking to package that second rounder they just got from Houston along with some of their other picks to pull Jimmy Garoppolo out of New England.

Key here is other picks because Cleveland dot com speculates the Pats could be looking for the Browns’ number one overall pick and a possible first rounder in 2018. C’mon! Even the first pick overall straight up for Garoppolo, a guy with two career starts?! I understand how hard it is to find a quarterback now, but it’s not that hard.

Then again, if I’m the Hood, I want everyone to believe that I don’t have to trade Garappolo and that if you want him, that’s the price. Let everyone know, you’re not desperate, you’re not even looking to sell. That if you want this house, or in this case, this player, this is what it’s going to cost you.

Otherwise we’re fine staying right where we are. The Hood is playing a strong hand and he knows it. Dude doesn’t lose at poker very often.


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