On one hand pretty tough look for the Texans. Not only are they publicly admitting they made a huge mistake, not only did they waste a valuable year and a shot at the ring by bringing this guy in, they have to throw a high draft pick to make him go away. Tough look.

Then again, it’s not like there’s even one Texan fan that isn’t happy to see Osweiler hit the bricks. And as if the case with any really bad decision you make in life, you own it, try to fix it, keep moving and don’t look back. And that’s exactly what the Texans are doing here. No way you bring this guy back. Because there’s no way you were going to play him.

And the last thing you need if you get Tony Romo or even if you don’t, is to have this guy hanging around with the red ass. They obviously should have never brought him in in the first place and did the right thing in getting rid of him. Even if they had to kick in a second rounder to get the Browns to take him. Good move by the Texans, who are now in line to make a run at Romo. And as I said yesterday before this trade went down, I thought Houston was a better spot for him than Denver.

One problem, at least at the moment. Romo still isn’t free and clear. Initially, Adam Schefter reported that the Cowboys were going to release him yesterday. But then his ESPN colleague Chris Mortenson reportedly they weren’t looking to release him, they were looking to trade him. Make sense, you have two teams that seemingly want him in Houston and Denver. Houston, since they just ditched Osweiler, clearly wants him more than Denver does. But if the Texans think that Denver will make a legitimate play for him, you could see making a deal with Dallas as opposed to taking their chances, waiting for Dallas to release him and then risk losing him to Denver.

Denver has Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. They don’t have to have Romo. But Houston, with Tom Savage, does. And they overpaid to make Osweiler go away and will probably do it again to bring Romo in.

One other point to make, Texans fan. You’re hyped that Osweiler has left the building. But the fact is, even if you do get Romo, there’s no way to know exactly what you’re getting. It’s a soon-to-be 37-year old who’s played in just five games in the last two years and won just two playoff games in his career. A busted up, old, Tony Romo would definitely be better than what you have now, but stop acting like you’d be getting Joe Montana in his prime. You’re not.


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