Bad enough that the Texans not only just gave Brock Osweiler away to get him the hell out of their locker room and off their team, and had to kick in a second round draft pick to get the Browns to do it, but even worse is the reason they may have done so: and it wasn’t just a matter of him being horrible last season and one of the worst free agent signings ever.

Despite all that, he may have survived there. But it wasn’t just a matter of him being a bad quarterback, if this story is true, he’s an even worse teammate. And guy. And a member of a club you never ever want to be in if you’re a pro athlete.

Remember, the Texans were loaded: great defense; explosive weapons offensively, they felt they were just a Q.B. away, from not just getting to the Super Bowl, but from winning it. So they threw all that crazy jack at Osweiler, who obviously was not up to the challenge. He threw more picks than T. D’s , did more to hurt them than to help them, and was no better than the guy they had the year before, Brian Hoyer. In reality, no better than the guy below him on the depth chart, Tom Savage.

So predictably, he loses his job. Then according to Profootballtalk, Savage takes a shot in week 17 against the Titans and has to leave the game to be evaluated for a concussion. Bill O’Brien tells Osweiler he has to finish the game. According to the report, Osweiler snapped saying O’Brien was only playing him because he needed him. Pretty much, Brock. Why else would he play you? Certainly not because he wanted to. Not because he had a choice reportedly, an actual argument ensued; Osweiler apparently took great umbrage to the coach telling him to enter the game; great umbrage to a  coach expecting him to actually earn the 21 mill they were paying him.

According to the PFT report, Osweiler got up to walk away and O’Brien reached out to stop him. Osweiler then reportedly acted as if he was being quote “held hostage” a claim that he reportedly repeated in the days after the game.

So, there were reports of there being a “loud argument” or even a “physical confrontation.” After it went down. It’s not clear exactly what happened, but that something did.

I don’t know what happened. But I do know ‘holding me hostage” is the best.! A coach, holding a 6-7 player hostage?! With what?! A bazooka.

Look, nobody’s ever accused Brock of being a rocket scientist and never will. And I hate to get all technical with it, but if you’re paid to be there, you aren’t being held hostage. Hostage is when someone else has to pay huge stacks to get you out of there; it’s not where they paying you millions to have you there. Scottie Pippen can’t believe how big of a bag this guy is for not going into a game when the coach told him to.

Now it’s clear why they threw in that second round pick to make this guy go away; no way Bill O’Brien was to going coach a guy that bad who refused to enter a game.

But again, this should not surprise, as Osweiler got the red ass when the Broncos had the audacity to replace him with Peyton Manning when he was healthy enough to play again.

Osweiler thinks very, very, highly of himself. I’m just not sure anyone else does, and especially after this story. And it certainly is not going to help Cleveland as they try to trade him, something they’ve reportedly been doing since the second they acquired him. No one likes a quitter. And it takes an all-time bag to refuse to play when told to do so by the coach, if that’s what really happened.


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