Over the weekend breaking news hit the wire and dinged every phone signed up for alerts from CBS Sports, or ESPN, or Bleacher Report.

Floyd Mayweather announced from a tour stop in Europe that he’s coming out retirement to fight Conor McGregor.


My take on that? Two words: Fake. News.

Absolutely, totally fake news. It sounds big. It sounds breaking. It sounds exciting. But it’s none of those things. When anyone else in the world “comes out of retirement” it’s to do something or to get back to work right away. Like when  MJ came out of retirement, he had a gig to go to and went to work.

That’s not what this is. Floyd just came out of retirement to do exactly what he was doing in retirement: Sitting around, trolling, and waiting.

What difference does it make if Floyd is retired or not? I’m supposed to think this fight is actually closer to happening because Floyd is now officially an active fighter  again. Because I don’t. That doesn’t change anything.

And that wasn’t what was or is holding up this fight. I don’t think Dana White is going to see Floyd come out of retirement (allegedly) and think, HELL YEAH! IT’S ONE.  FLOYD JUST SAID IT; HE’S NOT LONGER RETIRED! LET’S DO THIS!

That’s not what was holding this fight up. It’s whether or not the UFC wants it to happen. Whether or not Dana White is going to let Conor fight Mayweather. Now, Dana did say on this show recently, that he wouldn’t stand in Conor’s way if he wanted that fight.

Fact, is, Dana loves Conor. And I know he appreciates what Conor has done for his company. Still, Dana White and the UFC have a contract with McGregor. It’s hard to see what Dana and the UFC get out of this.

I know what Floyd gets: a huge paycheck with little to no risk involved. I know what Conor gets out of it: a huge paycheck, maybe big enough that he never has to enter the octagon or the squared circle again, even if Floyd does school him. And he will if they box.

What does Dana get? He has to pay both fighters way more than he wants to, and he risks losing one of his most valued assets. Best case scenario, is Floyd just makes Conor look bad in an ultra-boring fight and Conor comes back to the UFC.

Personally, I don’t think the fight is going to happen. And if it does, it will probably be a huge letdown to everyone except those who are cashing checks off it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll throw down for it if it does happen. But I don’t think it will. And I know Floyd quote coming out of retirement isn’t making it any more likely that it will.


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