Great back. But no rocket scientist: went to a St. Patrick’s Day party over the weekend and was caught on tape pulling a woman’s top down.

A rep for Elliott told TMZ sports the woman was not upset and continued to hang out with him and his crew after the incident.

Still, not a very bright move for a guy being investigated by the NFL for his connection to a domestic violence incident. At this time, that has investigation, has not found him guilty of any wrongdoing. I don’t know. Maybe you refrain from ripping any women’s tops off, at least until the prior investigation is complete.

A little strange that he has to be told that, but clearly dude isn’t going to split the atom any time soon. Great back. Terrible reveler: if you want to party, party. If you want hook up, hook up; just do it behind close doors, with a consenting partner: not on some roof with a female who doesn’t know it’s coming…

I can’t believe I have to say this, but never, ever, rip off a woman’s top in public. That really isn’t something that has to be said. At least I didn’t think it needed to be said. But apparently, in the case of Ezekiel Elliott, it does.

Wake the hell up, dude. I get that a dude like that is going to have a sense of entitlement.  But no one is entitled to that!

My man is compiling a nice little resume for himself. A couple of car accidents, driving without a license, the domestic violence investigation and now this. That’s not just one bad night. That’s a pattern. And it has to concern the Cowboys. And if it doesn’t, it should.

I’m not here to give the Cowboys advice on how to handle this situation, but I am here to tell them they better handle it. Because this is a pattern and it is concerning. And there are red flags.


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