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All Topics: NCAA Tournament time | Jay Wright | Grayson Allen just needs to ball | Lonzo and LaVar Ball | Ball Era | NCAA | Golden State Warriors | Kevin Durant | Resting players |

Mar 14th 2017

Charles on LaVar Ball saying he’d school MJ 1 on 1 back in the day: “Maybe I missed The Ball Era.”


Mar 16th 2016

All Topics: 2016 NCAA Tournament | A lot of studying | It’s no joke being on 12 hours a day | Touch screen | Michigan State not being a number one seed is a travesty | Kentucky | John Calipari has done his best coaching job | If he were a kid now | Ben Simmons’ year at LSU | Simmons can’t even keep it together for six months | Doesn’t think any freshman this season is ready for the NBA | Brandon Ingram needs to gain weight | If you can’t dominate college you shouldn’t come to the NBA | Would like to keep kids in school for at least two years | 96 Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State this season comment | NBA being so watered down now | San Antonio is only a couple games behind Golden State | Los Angeles Clippers | Blake Griffin’s broken hand story |

Charles on the in-studio touch screen: “I took it out back and shot it.”


Feb 7th 2013

All Topics: All Star Game next weekend | Los Angeles Lakers | Kobe saying Dwight Howard cares too much what others think | Kobe’s frustrated | Kobe is right about Dwight caring too much what others think | Needing to play hurt | Dwight’s head | Dwight has made people not like him the last 2 years | Dwight is a good kid | Small market team compared to the big market ones | The lights are really bright in the big market | Not sure if Dwight is a No. 1 guy on a championship team | Not sure Dwight has the killer instinct | Thought Dwight had the killer instinct in Orlando | Shaq might be right about Dwight not being a No. 1 guy | Kobe being the alpha in LA | Dwight needing to win a title | The pressure of being a great player | Dwyane Wade | Wade being up and down this season | Age takes its toll on everyone | Ray Lewis | Lewis talking about God | I don’t think God has a favorite team | God likes San Francisco too | Faith in a locker room | Russell Westbrook | Russell being Russell | Russell needing to grow up | His eyebrows | People being jealous | HD makes ugly people real ugly |

Chuck on Dwight Howard: “I’m not sure he has that killer killer instinct.”


Nov 01, 2012:

Charles on the Lakers offense: “I don’t understand why they would bring in Steve Nash to run the Princeton offense, that’s just stupid.”


Jun 13, 2012:

Charles lets us know what the worst problem in the World is: “AAU Basketball.”


Feb 29, 2012:

Charles on fans: “80 percent of them are great, 20 percent; I wish you could take them out back and just shoot them.”


Oct 20, 2011:

Chuck on why he’s not on Twitter: “I hate Twitter. If someone wakes up in the morning and wants to know what I’m doing, they’re a damn loser.”


Jun 10, 2011:

Topics: Watching the games or being an analyst | Comparing LeBron to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson | Does LeBron still have it | Needs killer instinct to be great | LeBron needs to get himself off the crucify list | Didn’t respond last night | Now he has to step it up | Should be more aggressive | Should have took the ball to the basket with 2 minutes to go, instead of a fadeaway jumper | Go out blazing | No excuses for LeBron, he just has to play better | His “Chosen 1” tattoo and naming himself “King” was LeBron’s choosing | Heat Haters | LeBron is not Jordan | They act like it’s easy to win an NBA Championship | What annoyed veterans who played the game and never won a championship | What was said after they came together | Last years of playing is different than playing in your prime | Being able to beat the superstars is better than joining them | Winning one championship in Cleveland would have meant more to LeBron than one in Miami | What to expect when they go back to Miami


Apr 25, 2011:

Charles on the Lakers: “I think they will beat the Hornets but not win the Championship.”


Jan 20, 2011:

Chuck on the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors: “I think people are tired of it.”


Jul 23, 2010:

Topics: On vacation for 5 months | Learning how to play Golf left handed | Hank Haney | LeBron James | Disappointed in LeBron | It would have been awesome if LeBron had stayed in his hometown his whole career | Cleveland | Cavs were out coached and out played by the Celtics | Wish James would have stayed | The “Decision” Show | Was happy he was in Canada so he didn’t have to watch that bull | The way LeBron went about it was all wrong | Never confuse working for me with working with me | Who’s the man in Miami | The Heat are Dwyane’s team | Still thinks the Lakers are the favorite | Kobe Bryant | If Bryant beats this Heat team he will take his legacy to another level | Bryant’s not saying anything | The Big 3’s parade in Miami, thought it was a rap show | LeBron James is the best player in the league | I hate LeBron messing around with his teammates | LeBron had the Cavs by the stones | The Stars back in the day would have NEVER played with each other | Going in the booth for the Rockies vs. Phillies | David Wells thinks I’m fatter then his fat ass | Losing weight | Race David Wells


May 17, 2010:

Topics: Western Conference Finals | Phoenix’s has to run LA to death | Suns can not bang with the Lakers | Derek Fisher can’t keep quick point guards in front of him | Steve Nash keeps himself in great shape | Suns’ bench is much better than the Lakers | Andrew Bynum’s knee | Bynum is the key to the title | It’s hard to score on two 7 footers all the time | Dwight Howard | Howard has to dominate 1 on 1 match –ups | Dwight’s still a work in progress, but has gotten better | Lebron James | Chuck’s Lebroned out | James did not play well against Celtics, he’s got to wear that | If Chuck was Lebron he would stay in Cleveland | Thinks Lebron is the best player in the world, but he didn’t play that way against Boston |


Mar 25, 2010:

Topics: Broadcasting from courtside | Thoughts on the West; Lakers team to beat | Nuggets able to hold it together without their leader on the bench | Carmelo Anthony scoring well in a certain regard | Carmelo not being asked to do other things | Predictions for the Cavs winning the World Championship; disappointments in Bynum and Artest | LeBron to stay in Cleveland | Michael Jordan as an executive; as an owner | Predictions on Michael Jordan as an owner in regards to success | People rooting for Jordan to fail | Reception for Tiger Woods’ return | Tiger having the mental toughness, or still needing to prove it | Fellow player reaction to Chuck; no reason to be in a bad mood.


Feb 11, 2010:

Topics: Snowing in Dallas! | Ranking of the NBA All-Star Game among other All-Star games | Change of the game over the years | Match-up against Karl Malone | Playing against Derrick Coleman | What’s happening to the Spurs’ game-play | LeBron James is the best player in the NBA | Defending against LeBron on the parameter | Lakers in the Finals this year | Frustrations with the Lakers | Best players he balled with | The last few years of his career.


Dec 17, 2009:

TOPICS: Tracking down Tiger Woods? | Reaction to news reporters and Tiger Woods’ situation; comparison to the DUI incident | Why Tiger is not reaching out | Tiger’s team’s handling of the situation | No question that Tiger should come out clean | Fascinating how the situation has played out | Tiger not knowing the “game”; selective choice of friends | Tiger’s responsibility; sinister and shadiness by the women accusing Tiger | Should Tiger had married; money and image | Endorsement companies breaking him off | Real thinking of Tiger by the media | Paid for more than just being great? | Going into a hostile arena; dealing with it upon comeback | Tiger’s mental toughness | “With All Due Repect”: biggest stories of 2009 | Dwight Howard’s game offensively.



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