So what does Seattle signing Eddie Lacy instead of Adrian Peterson tell us about A.P.  An Eddie Lacy who reportedly weighed in recently at 267?  267!

It tells us quite a bit about A.P., actually it tells us he’s not the player he used to be, or the player he thinks he still is. I think we can also assume, money had something to do with this and that A.P. is probably asking for way more than he’s actually worth.

His last deal paid him $14 mill per; no back is getting that kind of dough again; and especially one with his mileage, at his age, coming off the injury and the season he just had.

This signing is a head’s up not to just A.P. but to Jamaal Charles, Latavius Murray and any other free agent backs looking to stick somewhere. The Seahawks were more desperate for a back than anyone in the league and even they too, had about a week to get it done before finally getting around to signing Lacy.

And even then, it was for only one year, and for non-crazy dough. So if I’m A.P., I’m tripping right now.

If running backs fall off a cliff at 30, where does that leave Peterson who is about to turn 32, coming off a bad season? His problem is, he thinks he’s some sort of freak that the laws of nature don’t apply to. That he’s going to be the first one ever to cold-cock father time. Eehhh! Father time is still undefeated; it’s gotten everyone else and it’s going to get Peterson too. In fact, it pretty much already has.

Too old, too busted up, asking for too much money and thinking way too highly of yourself, is a terrible way to go through life, A.P.

Look in the mirror, my man.


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