Pete Carroll likes his running backs in all shapes and sizes. But mostly, he likes them big. And after signing Eddie Lacy — who has reportedly been taking free agent visits pushing almost 270 POUNDS — he’s getting a biggin. Because there’s BEAST MODE and then there’s OBESE MODE — and right now the Seahawks are betting that Eddie can work his way back from ankle surgery and find a playing weight that’s closer to 235 than 270.

Carroll soft-pedaled when asked about the reported 267 pounds that Lacy weighed in at last week, per Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. And while he didn’t hit Lacy with “he’s got a great personality” or “no honey, you don’t look big in that” he did go easy on Lacy’s battle with the bulge.

“I want him big. I want him big and tough and strong,” Carroll said 710 ESPN Seattle. “But I want him in the best shape so that he can run at his best and be durable and handle the load — 235, that’s at the time he came out, he was there. “But he’s developed. Into his [240s], he’s really dangerous.”

But dig deeper into this contract and you start to understand how Seattle is trying to motivate Eddie. Because Lacy has 770,000 REASONS to drop 25 pounds. And it comes in the form of FAT! Bonuses, a reported 385,000 dollars as a work out bonus and another 385k for a WEIGHT BONUS.

So Peter knows what he’s doing. Peter has been a master at motivating a roster filled with unique cats, and it looks like he’s already starting with Eddie. Because while he’s not out there crushing Lacy about the 30 he’s put on after leaving Alabama, he and John Schneider have made it MORE THAN CLEAR that a couple P90X workouts and a leisure job on the pool treadmill aren’t going to get it done. Not if he’s chasing it with Mongolian Beef and Chicken Fried Rice.

So like I said yesterday, I like this signing — IF EDDIE CAN STAY AWAY FROM WHAT HE HAS REFERRED TO AS “THE CHINA FOOD.” I like this signing if we see the back that came out of Alabama — the guy who ran for over 1,100 yards in each of his first two seasons — and scored 20 touchdowns his first two years before he traded his belt buckle for a drawstring.

Because the Seahawks had their pick of backs on the free agent market. And they bet on Lacy. And it’s a pretty good bet. A show me bet. One year, $5.5 mill and only 3 mill is guaranteed.

So they’ve dangled the carrot in front of him — hoping that he picks A CARROT over CHINA FOOD as he prepares for training camp.

So it’s a gamble. Maybe even a good one. But I’ll say this, if they don’t improve that offensive line, it won’t matter who’s running the ball: Lacy at 235, Marshawn Lynch in his prime or Jim Brown. Fixing their running game may have been their top priority, but that’s not happening until they fix the guys in front of their backs.


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