I don’t think this is the offseason Adrian Peterson envisioned for himself. He had to know the Vikings weren’t interested in bringing him back at his crazy contract number for the upcoming season. What he didn’t know was that they might not be interested in him at any number. And that every other team in need of a running back might feel the same way.

I’m not saying that someone wouldn’t bring this guy in at a certain number. I’m saying the music is about to stop, and dude may not have a chair to land in. Not after the Vikings just agreed to a three year deal with former Raider running back Latavius Murray.

So the Vikings apparently are out. And given there isn’t a franchise in the league that valued Peterson more than the Vikes, where does that leave A.P. now? And why do they value a guy like Murray more than they do one of their greatest players ever? For all the reasons I mentioned yesterday: too old. Too busted up. And too expensive. Oh, and you can one more thing to that list. Too quick to point the finger at everyone else when things don’t go well. Actually, he and his father both have. Something that isn’t lost on one of the guys who blocked for Peterson, Alex Boone. Boone spoke to Mike Florio on PFT live and made it clear; he didn’t appreciate Peterson or his old man or both taking shots at the Vikings o-line.

Of course he’s pissed. A.P. didn’t give Boone and his crew much credit when he was killing it and then was quick to kill them when things didn’t go well. No wonder Boone doesn’t care if they move on from A.P. He’s about to lose one of the greatest backs ever and the take isn’t, “you do whatever you can to keep this guy. He’s one of the best to ever play the game; he’s a Minnesota Viking through and through. And every one of us on the line loved blocking for the dude.

No. More like, I wish he and his old man have kept their mouths shut. None of us are really going to miss him. And they won’t. He’s played just 20 games in the last three seasons. He missed nearly an entire season because of his cro magnon parenting skills.  And now the Vikes want nothing to do with him.

And you have to wonder if anyone else does either. Seattle picked Eddie Lacy over him.  New England picked Rex Burkhead over him. Rex Burkhead!! And even his own team, went with someone else instead of their best back ever. So where does that leave A.P. nowhere good.

Like I said yesterday: too old, too busted up, too greedy, and thinking way too highly of yourself, is a terrible way to go through life. And now you can add to that, running your teammates under the bus when your production falls off a cliff. And if running backs have near zero value when they turn 30, where does that leave Peterson, who is about to turn 32 and coming off the worst season of his career? Maybe with the Raiders. Or with the Lions.

But only if the guy gets real about his market value and how teams see him now.  Because no one looks at this guy and seems him as anywhere near what he once was.



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