Hour 1

NCAA Tournament Update | Pat Forde (College Basketball) Interview | South Carolina Beats Duke


Hour 2 

Indiana Job Opening | Chris Mack (College Basketball) Interview | NBA Star Players


Hour 3

Eldrick Playing Putt Putt | Conor Starts Throwing On Boxing Media | Sean Miller (College Basketball) Interview



Sean Miller

Arizona Head Coach on Lauri Markkanen: “Terrific player.”


Chris Mack

Xavier Head Coach on playing his former boss Sean Miller: “It’s always hard.”


Pat Forde

Yahoo Writer on the ACC in the NCAA Tournament: “Complete bust of a postseason.”



Committee Jammed Villanova

It would be easy to say Wisconsin shocked Villanova: a 8 beating the number one seed overall. But that’s not a shock at all.
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Michigan’s Run Continues

How the hell do you explain the number 8 seed in the Big Ten tournament and a team that was badly rattled by a terrifying experience involving their plane, rising up and knocking out a two in Louisville.
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Big Blue Nation

How many of thought this was the year John Calipari and his young Kentucky squad got theirs.
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College Job Openings

And now we sit back and wait to see which way the coaching carousel spins.
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Not A Good Look, Chris

Damn, Northwestern, how you livin now?!
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Frank Freaking Martin

There’s no bigger party than the one thrown on the Internet whenever Duke loses in the NCAA Tournament.
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Resting Star Players

NBA teams resting star players, and cheating the fans, networks and their sponsors of the best possible matchups, the matchups they all thought they were getting when they threw down huge jack, is an issue once again.
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Conor Goes Conor

For all intents and purposes, there are three faces to the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather fight.
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