And now we sit back and wait to see which way the coaching carousel spins.

Indiana is looking for a head coach after firing Tom Crean. There has been speculation that UCLA coach Steve Alford is headed back to I-U. When I asked Seth Greenberg what he thought on Friday, before I could even finish the question, he said he was “gone.” Quote “gone”.

Huffington Post reported that Indiana has already offered Alford a deal; no confirmation of that yet.

But you have to assume, they’re targeting him and given how frustrated the UCLA administration and their boosters were as recently as last season with Alford, that he would consider going home. And if he does, where does that leave UCLA.

And Gregg Marshall. If I’m UCLA, I give Marshall a blank check and let him fill it out.

But UCLA doesn’t operate like that. UCLA thinks they’re doing you a favor by letting you coach there and that you can do it at a reduced rate. Sure UCLA is a better program than Wichita State, but I don’t know that that’s a better opportunity than the one Marshall has right now; where he’s treated like a God, can do whatever he wants and make Final Four runs right where he is.

I know this: at this point, UCLA needs Gregg Marshall a lot more than he needs them. And if they’re going to have any shot at him, they’re going to have stop up and take a much bigger swing than they normally do.


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