Damn, Northwestern, how you livin now?! If you thought those honks were insufferable upon entering the tourney, imagine what they would have been like had they shocked the world and punked top seed Gonzaga.

And it looked they were going to after coming back from a 20 point deficit at one point.  I’m not saying you can’t win unless you’ve been there before, but there’s something to be said for it. And Northwestern coach Chris Collins hadn’t. At least not as a head coach. And unfortunately, he acted like it.


He and the Wildcats absolutely got screwed on that goaltending call. The refs can’t make that mistake on that stage. Period. Collins had every right to be furious. But he can’t pick up a “t” in that situation. Just can’t. He has to keep his head.

Because if he does, they’re down just 5 with 5  minutes to go and still have a really good look at it. But by the time he gets off the floor and back to bench, it’s a 7 point game, and the Zags get the blow needed, a huge four point swing and they’re able to settle down.

Yes, the refs screwed them, but Collins made it much worse. And his refusal to own any of it after the game was not a great look either.



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