Pat Forde

Info & Stats: Yahoo College Sports Columnist

All Topics: NCAA Tournament | South Carolina beating Duke | ACC being a complete bust in the postseason | Michigan | Jim Beilein breaking out the super soaker | Beilen being so overlooked on a national respect level | Louisville | Michigan can beat you in a few different ways | Wichita State vs. Kentucky | NCAA Committee has done an awful disservice to Wichita State for several years now | Indiana job opening | Gregg Marshall’s wife yesterday

Mar 20th 2017

Pat on the ACC in the NCAA Tournament: “Complete bust of a postseason.”


Jan 9th 2017

All Topics: Epic trip to Tampa for National Championship game | Clemson vs. Alabama | Nick Saban relieving Lane Kiffin of his duties last week is shocking | Kiffin’s mind not being on Alabama business | Alabama is messing with a winning formula by ridding Kiffin | Last year’s national title game | This Alabama defense is better than last year’s | Clemson’s offense is better too | Jalen Hurts tonight | Alabama | Ben Boulware’s antics | P.J. Fleck moving on to Minnesota

Pat’s reaction to Nick Saban relieving Lane Kiffin of his duties a week before the National Championship Game: “Shocked.”


Mar 27th 2014

All Topics: Sweet 16 | Stanford vs. Dayton | Bo Ryan has the most to prove of the remaining coaches | Wisconsin vs. Baylor | Kentucky vs. Louisville | Louisville didn’t want to play Kentucky | Surprised Louisville is favored over Kentucky | John Calipari deserves credit for the way Kentucky is playing | Cal’s future | Florida vs. UCLA | Steve Masiello | Johnny Manziel | Manziel is like no other

Pat on Steve Masiello’s resume mishap: “I would give him another chance if I were Manhattan.”


Nov 26th 2013

All Topics: Terry Saban’s comments about the family staying in Tuscaloosa | Terry Saban’s comments about “appreciation” | #1 vs. #4 Iron Bowl | Alabama and Auburn winning the past 4 National titles | Auburn needing to be able to throw against Bama | Ohio State | Ohio State vs. Michigan State | Strength of Schedule | Florida | Will Muschamp | Gators A.D. Jeremy Foley sticking behind Muschamp as of now | Jameis Winston getting a standing ovation at their last home game | Winston case | A ton of theories and rumors in Tallahassee right now | His Denver Broncos | Peyton Manning | Off weather games for Peyton |

Pat on the 2013 Iron Bowl: “They’ve won the last four national championships.”


Apr 1st 2013

All Topics: Kevin Ware’s leg injury | Ware’s injury was reminiscent of what a horse would endure | Louisville players reaction to Ware’s injury | The team responding to Ware’s injury | Louisville dominating Duke in the second half | Louisville being one of the most mentally tough teams he’s ever seen | Evaluating Peyton Siva’s worth | Other players feeding off Siva | Siva playing the best basketball of his career right now | Wichita State vs. Louisville | Wichita State has a shot against Louisville | Gregg Marshall | Wichita State’s toughness | Michigan vs. Syracuse will be a great chess match | Mitch McGary | Steve Alford going to UCLA | Alford has the personality and ego for the UCLA job | Alford being a typical coach | Coaches are only lying when their lips are moving |

Pat on if he’s ever seen a basketball injury like the one Louisville’s Kevin Ware suffered: “Nothing anywhere near that.”


Jun 06, 2012:

Pat on if he thinks I’ll Have Another wins the Triple Crown: “I don’t.”


Mar 27, 2012:

Pat describes John Calipari and Rick Pitino’s relationship as: “genuine hate.”


Feb 28, 2012:

Pat’s thoughts on the 2011-12 Kentucky basketball team: “They’re a selfless group.”


Nov 28, 2011:

Pat on Urban Meyer accepting the Ohio State job: “Another knock at his credibility.”


Jan 10, 2011:

Pat thoughts on Cam Newton’s year at Auburn on the field: “Not sure I’ve seen a better single season ever.”


Dec 09, 2010:

Pat on Florida’s status after Urban Meyer stepped down as coach: “They would have been better served by staying retired last year.”


Nov 12, 2010:

Topics: Cam Newton story | NCAA investigation | Auburn is all in; all of their chips are on the middle of the table | Solicitation | Confusing situation | Kenny Rogers | Mississippi State boosters | Is it possible that Cam Newton didn’t know about the money? | Cam’s dad | FBI being involved | Mississippi State’s axe to grind? | Dan Mullen saying No | Mississippi State booster Bill Bell | Reggie Bush situation | Bush didn’t have to cooperate | Heisman and National Championship


Nov 05, 2010:

Topics: Cam Newton Story | Former Mississippi St. player Jon Bond saying he heard from a former teammate it would cost a school money to get Newton | Finds Jon Bond very credible | Kenny Rogers | Cam Newton’s star has really exploded the last few weeks | Newton wanting to go to Mississippi State; but letting his dad decide what school he would attend | Auburn not commenting except saying the player is eligible | NCAA working in mysterious ways | NCAA traditionally moves very slow | Cam Newton being a active player | Cam’s father Cecil | Thinks it’s possible Kenny Rogers would work on a deal without knowledge of the family | Selling players | Effect on Newton’s Heisman campaign | Breeders Cup Classic | Doesn’t think Zenyatta will win | Lucking At Lucky and Blame are Zenyatta’s top competition |

Sep 09, 2010:

Topics: Believes Boise State is National Championship good | Thought Boise State should have started the season No. 1 | Chris Petersen’s comments yesterday on the SEC being very tough | Boise State in the SEC | Les Miles | LSU should have dominated North Carolina | Miles better have a good season | Rich Rodriguez finding a QB in Denard Robinson | Rodriguez needs a win against Notre Dame | Brian Kelly | Thinks Notre Dame will be a Top 10 team under Kelly | Kelly is a recruiter and salesman | Reggie Bush | Heisman Trust should strip the trophy from Bush | Give the Heisman to Vince Young | Reggie Bush had no accountability | John Calipari | Enes Kanter | Calipari goes after everyone | Kanter is a tremendous player | Rachel Alexandra v. Zenyatta | The way Rachel is running, he would take Zenyatta |

Jun 11, 2010:

Topics: USC’s Punishment | Gives him a little more faith in the NCAA | Thinks the punishment fits the crime | Some of the blame should be on Pete Carroll | Maybe USC’s atmosphere was to lose | Thinks Carroll ran | A lot of the coaches go by the code of not “wanting to know” | Mike Garrett | Can’t believe Garrett hasn’t been fired | Garrett says it’s envy | 67 page report on USC | Notre Dame joining Big Ten? | Notre Dame is a little nervous | Horse Racing | Racing problems | Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta | Horse Racing needs a good game plan | Horse Racing is a tough sport | Triple Crown | Triple Crown is to hard on modern day Thoroughbred’s | Tom Izzo as a NBA head coach | Izzo would be a massive loss for college basketball |



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