Every year Kentucky basketball sparks the same debate. Should guys stay more than one year? How bad is the NBA’s one-and-done rule screwing college basketball? Is Cal underachieving with all this talent. Just stop. The conversation is exhausting.

Kentucky isn’t the problem. Neither is Coach Cal. He’s running his program within the parameters laid out by the NBA and the NCAA. And running it to the tune of a national championship and four Final Four appearances in eight years. And he just missed his fifth trip to the Final Four by two points.

Why can’t Kentucky just be Kentucky? This dude has got a different way of doing it. A way that obviously works. And he’s far from the only guy who does it. Others do.  Maybe not to the extent that Cal does, but probably because they can’t. But don’t act like Calipari is some mercenary and the only guy who will bring in one and doners. Because he’s not.

And not only does he have to reload every year, but he has to get these one and done guys to come together as quickly as he can; get them to buy in. Not only does Calipari have this rap, but the players do too; that they’re only there to get to the NBA as quickly as possible. That they really don’t give a damn about anything else, much less each other.  Any who says that, obviously didn’t see a how devastated De’aaron Fox was after the loss to Carolina, or his teammate who consoled him:

Fact is, they’re different. And they’re unique. And when Calipari loses the best backcourt in the country to the draft, he’ll just do what he always does; the thing that everyone said was impossible; reload instead of rebuilding, and have his Cats positioned for another deep run with a whole new crew.

Hate all you want. While you’re doing that, Cal will be signing the next top recruit in between podcast recording sessions.


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