Info & Stats: Los Angeles Clippers Guard

All Topics: Consecutive days off for the first time in a while | Clippers 2016-17 Season |  Rest | Home court in the playoffs | His game vs. Jazz | 18,000 points | Passing Magic Johnson on the all-time scoring list | Isiah Thomas | Offensive skill | Handles | Point guard changing over his time in the NBA |

Mar 28th 2017

Jamal on his sport: “I loved basketball before I had anything else.”


Oct 25th 2016

All Topics: Start of his 17th NBA Season | Talent on the roster | Golden State adding Kevin Durant | His favorite players of all-time | Allen Iverson | His time in the NBA | Still loves the game | It’s like Christmas today with the season opening | Paul Pierce’s last season | Growth coming from being uncomfortable

J-Crossover on AI: “He played with his heart first.”


Apr 15th 2016

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Everyone knows what they need to do now | Facing Portland in the first round | Portland’s talent | Possibly winning the 6th man award for the third time | Importance of being a 6th man | Being comfortable late in games | Game winners | Stepping up his scoring when Blake Griffin went down | Doc wanting him to be more aggressive | Blake’s play | Tweets about Kobe’s 60 point game | His relationship with Boston guard Isaiah Thomas | Meeting Isaiah while he was in high school | Isaiah being in his wedding | Isaiah making the All-Star game | Under the radar

Jamal on Kobe scoring 60 points in his final game: “It was like a movie.”


Mar 4th 2016

All Topics: Coming back from 22 to beat OKC | Knew they were going to beat the Thunder | Their play lately has been great | Blake Griffin | Still might get the homecourt | Character on this team | Initial reaction to Blake hurting his hand in a fight with a staffer | Supporting Blake and the team staffer | The importance of this season | Scoring 118 points in a summer game | Playing pickup at normal gyms | Kobe Bryant career winding down | Kobe’s footwork | Steph Curry’s play | Steph’s domination | Chuck The Condor |

Jamal on Kobe Bryant’s footwork: “Impeccable.”


Nov 14th 2014

All Topics: 7 games into the 2014-15 Season | Slow start to the season | Doc Rivers saying they’re soft | Media critics calling them soft | Scoring his 15,000 point earlier this season | Starting vs. coming off the bench | More aggressive when he comes off the bench | Doesn’t have a preference | Watching the other players | Kobe’s play | Kobe dealing with a losing season | Derrick Rose | Injuries | Blake Griffin’s incident in the Vegas night club | Griffin isn’t a distraction |

Jamal on Doc Rivers: “He’s always a straight shooter with us.”


Sept 22nd 2014

All Topics: A week from the start of camp | 2013-14 Season | At peace with how last season and the Donald Sterling saga went down | Sterling saga | Doc Rivers’ leadership | Debates on how to deal with the Sterling situation last season | Something bigger than basketball was happening with Sterling | Steve Ballmer buying the team | Have known Ballmer for a few years | Needing to take the next step as a team | Doc’s impact on him | Seattle Pro Am | Baron Davis | Baron was special | Gilbert Arenas | Allen Iverson | Tracy McGrady | Michael Jordan | Jordan was the best, he had no weakness | Kobe Bryant is his generations MJ | Kobe will look great this season |

Jamal on the 2014-15 Season: “Guys are excited about giving it another run.”


Apr 18th 2014

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Facing Golden State in the first round | Friction between the two teams? | Don’t take the playoffs for granted | Doc Rivers being the MVP of the team | Doc coaching Chris Paul and Blake Griffin the same as everyone else | In contention for another 6th Man of the Year Award | Had to get use to coming off the bench | Growing up in Seattle | His crossover | Isiah Thomas | Having his own shoe |

Jamal on making the playoffs: “I don’t take it for granted.”


Jan 21st 2014

All Topics: Team going 6-2 since CP3 went down | Doc and his system deserve credit | Playing for Doc has been unreal | Doc’s had their attention from Day 1 | Doc will get on Chris and Blake | Everyone stepping up their game in Paul’s absence | Coming off the bench | Being a team guy and understanding the big picture | His role on the team | Seattle Seahawks going to the Super Bowl | Richard Sherman’s post-game interview | Sherman is a friend of his | Football is an emotional game | His career journey | God’s plan | His high school days |

Jamal on playing for Doc Rivers: “It’s been unreal.”


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