Raider fan, not that there was in any doubt, but it’s official. Owners voted overwhelming to approve their move to Las Vegas. They needed 24 votes, they received 31. They’re gone. Gone! Gone!

And you, Raider fan, are getting screwed. Again.

It happened when they bounced for L.A., and now it’s happening again, as they’re bolting for Las Vegas.

But not just yet, Raider fan. They still have to build that stadium off the strip in Vegas, and it won’t be complete until 2020.

So in the meantime, Mark Davis is going to ask you to continue to support his lame duck team for the next couple of years while it’s in Oakland. He wants you to continue to support a team that is leaving, oh and don’t take out whatever frustration you have on the players or coaches because it’s not their fault. That’s pretty rich.

We’re abandoning you, again, but not just yet, so continue to give us all your support and money until we do leave, and then it’s see you chumps never again.

Oakland Raider fan gets screwed again. And the fans always do with the stadium game.

Of course, Mark Davis will have you believe that he never wanted to leave in the first place. That his first choice was to stay in Oakland, and that he did everything he could to get a deal done there. And the league will tell you the same thing. That it really doesn’t want their franchises moving.

That’s my biggest problem with this. Well, aside from the hometown fans getting screwed. It’s how disingenuous the owners and league are when it happens. Just be real. Just say it. We love money. And we can make a lot more money over here than we could where we currently are. Say it.

Just blaming it on the local politicians and saying that you did everything you could to get a deal done because you didn’t. You don’t care about the fans and the city that had supported you all those years. At least not nearly as much as you care about the bottom line. Just say that. Own it. And stop saying that you had no choice but to move. When you do.

The NFL loves to roll out that “Football is Family” tagline, but that’s obviously a load of garbage. Football is money. Family is fine, but if there’s a fatter check somewhere else, peace out, fam.

3 teams moving in 14 months is a bad look for the league. It probably won’t hurt the league too much long term, but it’s a terrible look. Especially given that the league has been so loud about its dislike of gambling… until a city built on gambling starts stacking money and then they can’t wait to get there.

I have zero sympathy for Davis, just as there was none for Spanos or Kroenke before them. It’s not about not being able to get a stadium deal done wherever they were and being sad about leaving, it’s about bolting for more money. And they’re certainly entitled to do that, because the league allows them to do it. Just be honest about it. And stop insulting our intelligence.

You could see why Oakland wasn’t willing to go to the public and ask it to build Davis his new shiny new stadium. How the hell are the taxpayers going to build in the stadium he wants when they’re still paying down the debt from the 1995 renovation of the Coliseum for the Raiders.

Bottom line: The NFL expects to generate $14 billion in revenue this year. The idea that the league or any owner needs help building a stadium is laughable.

Even worse, is the timing. This bomb drops just as the Raiders are finally good again. Let’s not forget, prior to this year, it’s not like the Raiders were setting the world on fire. That fan base had to suffer through one 4-win season after another.

They had to cheer for teams led by Lane Kiffin. Or Tom Cable punching an assistant, allegedly. Or an offensive coordinator who took the job after running a bed and breakfast in Idaho. But now they’re good. And just as it happens, they rip the rug out from under the nation.

And look at Mark Davis. Personal appearances, will never be show fodder, but you look at this guy, and that ginger bowl cut, and you think this dude is crazy. Right. Crazy like a fox. I mean, how does this guy get iced and shut out that badly in L.A., only to get back up and end up with an even better deal for himself in Vegas. How the hell did that happen?!

This dude doesn’t even look like he can negotiate with his own barber, yet he was able to work the City of Las Vegas over for a deal like this??  How? If Davis gets this deal from Vegas, but gets jammed by his barber monthly, then I want to meet his barber, because that guy’s either the greatest negotiator, or the greatest salesman, on the planet. Or both.

Look, if you’re going to move, move, just own the move, be real about it: and stop telling us how much you care about the fans, and the city and that football is family. Football is money. Which is fine. Just stop insulting us by acting like it’s not.


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