The Cavs just got hammered by the Spurs, 103-74 dropping them into second overall in the East for the first time since November.

On top of that, LeBron left the game after taking an elbow in his back. There’s just 9 games left in the regular season. This is the time where you want to be rounding into form, starting to play your best basketball, locking up the number one seed and gearing up for a deep run in the playoffs. And none of that his happening.

They’re not playing their best basketball late in the regular season, they’re playing some of their worst. Especially defensively.

And remember, as good as those moves gm David Griffin made looked at the time, I did say, it guarantees nothing. In fact, just the opposite. They still had to figure out if the new pieces even fit. And if they did, how long it would take for them to all jell. And then you had J.R. Smith and Kevin Love coming back from injury. And you had to work them in too. Fact is, it was a concern then, and it’s a concern now.

So after the game, of course, everyone rushes to LeBron and asks what the hell is going on with Cavs? And his response was pretty curious. He said the team is in a quote, “delicate” state.

Delicate? Saying the situation is delicate is a delicate way of saying, “we’re soft. We’re not tough enough, physically or mentally.”

That’s what he means by delicate. That’s his way of saying they’re soft; he just couldn’t come right out and say it because that would be akin to hitting dumpster fire with a few gallons of gasoline.

Question is, who is he talking about? The new guys who aren’t fitting in, and don’t understand what it takes to play championship caliber basketball? Because right now, they don’t look anything like a team that could defend. Especially defensively, where they’re horrible. A team that bad defensively is not going to win a title. And right now, the Cavs are that bad on that end of the floor.

No team outside the top ten in defensive efficiency has won a title since the Lakers in 2001. And the Cavs are 29th in defensive efficiency since the All-Star break.

Sure, they’ll turn it up once the playoffs start, and it might even be enough to get out of the east, even if they don’t have the home court. But they’re not beating the best in the west, playing defense like that. No chance.


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