Jeanie Buss continues to work her magic. While the Lakers aren’t winning on the court – Jeanie’s winning big in court, as she just curb stomped the two older brothers who rolled up and tried to rip the team from her.

That attempted coup by Jimmy went about as badly, if not worse than his attempt at running the basketball side of this franchise. And given that they’re arguably the worst team in the league, that went pretty badly.

Jeanie broke Jimmy off as a trustee, replacing him with Janie, so the Lakers are now officially Jeanie’s and will be for as long as the family owns the team.

Jeanie’s lawyer, Adam Streisand, told the LA Times. AND I QUOTE:

“The message is clear here: Do not underestimate Jeanie Buss. There is not going to be a palace coup. Not now. Not ever.”

Cold Blooded. Ruthlessly efficient. And absolutely necessary for the Lakers organization. After pulling the rip cord and cleaning house after All-Star break, Jeanie continues to do what is necessary, for the Lakers are to have any shot at being relevant and competitive again, any time soon. And she even hit her brothers with some serious shade, telling ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

“It’s great that we were able to work this out so fast. We’ve resolved everything clearly and cleanly and now we can get back to work. …. I’m also very happy that my sister Janie is becoming a trustee of my family’s Trust. I love her, I trust her and I’m excited to work alongside her.”

That’s why her old man wanted her running the team. And that’s why she will for as long as the family owns it. Good. Because that circus was an embarrassment to that family, their fans and the entire league. This is why folks always say don’t do business with family. Sure, some family businesses work, but more often they don’t. It just complicates matters. Because business is business. Period.

She knew it, and she took care of it. And now it’s all on her. She can no longer blame it on her brother who never had any business getting anywhere near the basketball ops.   Now the buck stops with her. Her team. Her calls. Her hires. Her responsibility. She’s got the hammer. And with it, 100% of the responsibility.

No one to blame but herself. Which is how it should be. Your world, Jeanie. Don’t screw it up.

This thing is broken into a thousand pieces, it’s up to you to put it back together again.  First move was bringing in Erv. I don’t know that that was the right move. Too soon to tell. Next move was to fire your brother. I know that was the right move. But that in and of itself won’t fix this hot mess.

Now, finish your tank, secure your draft pick, use it wisely, and figure out a way to get anyone who matters to sign here as a free agent, and start to rebuild this thing. Getting rid of bogus family members is one thing, securing championship caliber players is entirely another. If only that was as easy as firing a family member or two.


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