After turning down calls from other schools for several years while serving as the head coach of the Dayton Flyers, Archie Miller knew he had to listen when the athletic director on the other end of the line was located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Miller joined The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and talked about why he not only chose to speak with the Indiana Hoosiers about their head coaching vacancy but why he chose to accept it as well.

“When you get a call like that out of the blue, it sort of takes you back a minute,” Miller said. “I’ve never talked to anybody in my six years at Dayton, and I think I expressed a number of times how great the situation was, but its Indiana, and I think that’s a big thing to sort of take a step back, and I owed it to myself to listen and had great conversations.

“[Indiana Athletic Director] Fred Glass was awesome in my conversations with him not only on the phone but then when we had a chance to meet face-to-face. It was a very easy sort of conversation or interaction, because I think the genuine and the love for Indiana and what they aspire to be, what he wanted it to be and how he wanted it done was really in line with kind of how we do things, sort of, in our staff philosophy, and I think that with what and how we do things can really apply to Indiana in a big way.”

Miller knows that by accepting the Indiana job, expectations for everyone have changed.

“You’re recruiting championship players. You really are, and you’re recruiting people that want to be about winning championships,” Miller said. “If we can work together and there’s a development process of working to get guys where they want to be, which is reaching their dreams and not only the NBA level but in all fields or their life, you’re going to get great commitment back. And I do think when you do recruit a guy there’s got to be a high standard not only on the floor but off, because of IU and the reputation that you’re going to have here, but definitely the caliber of player you’re recruiting is really, really, really important to understand that when you step onto this campus, there’s a very high expectation. You have great responsibility to try to get it done.”

Miller is already underway in creating relationships with the current players and implementing a new culture.

“Our first priority is obviously our current players. Nothing’s more important than those guys. You have to really invest in your current guys. Those guys have to feel valued, so we’re spending a lot of time right now in getting to know those guys and their family and keeping the locker room tight so to speak as we get going,” Miller said. “I think the second thing is you have to establish slowly but surely the path. You have to bring people in, you have to make them feel welcome and it’s going to take a long time but our goal will be to really approach those guys as friends. They have the ability to come back and respect not only the program and the kids in the program because we’re working them, we’re doing things right, but they feel like they have people here that care about them. Those two things are really big right now.”


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