It’s sinking in. The Raiders are going to Vegas. They’re not threatening to move; they’re gone. And they just punked Oakland and their local fan base for the second time. And Oakland Raider fan is pissed. And has every right to be.

Pissed that Mark Davis said he did everything he could to stay in Oakland, and didn’t.   And pissed that Davis announced the move and quickly chased it with saying he hopes to bring a world championship to the Bay Area, and can you just keep coming to our games until we do move to Vegas. Oh, and we’re raising your ticket prices too; at least according to one long time season ticket holder who called the show yesterday.

Only thing worse than stabbing his fans in the heart, is then going to back to them and asking them to give him even more. I’m not sure how long the Raiders will be in Oakland, but I know every moment they are will be uglier than the one before it. And especially ugly for the players and coaches who are going to have answer questions every single day about being a lame duck. Answer questions about things they have absolutely nothing to do with. Answer questions that should be directed at the guy responsible for it: Mark Davis.

Take Jack Del Rio, for instance: he had nothing to do with any of it, but he’ll get that question every single day; and he has to find a way to stay loyal to the guy scratching his check, while at the same time not alienate the very people who make it all possible, the fans.

Very diplomatic. And as mentioned, he has to play both sides. And see both sides.

Now I’ll give you a guy who doesn’t see it both ways. A guy who sees it as black and white. Draymond Green. My man flat out says, the fans are getting worked, and that the last thing they should be looking to do is line the pockets of a rich owner who just ripped their team from them:

NBA All-Star? Or furious Raider fan on the message boards? Either way, the guy has a valid point.

I hate to see any NFL team move. But especially that team, in that market, with that fan base. The Raiders were Oakland. The Black Hole. Darth Raider. Dudes looking like extras from Mad Max. Even the dirt infield. That’s who the Raiders were. That’s gone now.

It won’t be the same in Las Vegas. Sure, the stadium will be better, but it won’t be the same. And anything that they do to capture that energy will feel fake or contrived.

Oakland Raider fan deserves better. Especially considering they’ve had already been through nightmare once before. The Raiders in Oakland, was good for the league. And I’m still not convinced that the Raiders being in Vegas is good for either them or the league.

What it’s good for is stacking cash. For Davis and for the other owners who just got chipped big with a relocation fee. That’s fine. Just don’t tell your fans you did everything you could to say, when in reality, you did everything you could to leave.

And most of all, don’t leave…again…and then tell the fans you’re in it to bring a world championship to the Bay Area. And then double down on that horrible take by asking them to keep coming to your games until you move and on top of that, get ready to pay an increase for those tickets. There’s no real good way to handle a move, but I’m not sure Davis could have handled this any worse.


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