Now Jerry Jones says his timetable for making a decision on Tony Romo is now training camp: which really doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense.

In fact, it makes no sense at all: because Jones said back in February, that he would quote, “do right” by Romo, most assume he’d just release him and let him take one last shot at the ring with someone else.

That’s what everyone assumed, including Romo himself when he took to social media and said goodbye to the Cowboys fans, while bumping Bob Dylan’s “the times are a changin.”

But they’re not. Because he’s still there and Jones still hasn’t done right by him.

And Jones’ new training camp deadline for a Romo decision makes no sense. For a couple of reasons. One: the longer they keep him, the greater the risk of injury, and if he does get hurt, they’re on the hook for his $14 million dollar salary; and they don’t want that. Two, if Jones is stringing this out because he’s waiting on a trade partner so he can get something instead of nothing for Romo, he’s begging. That’s not happening. No one is trading for this guy. Not the Texans. And not the Broncos. I’m not convinced both those teams even want him.

But I do know that neither want to trade for him. Because they don’t have to.

They can just wait for Jones to cut him, and get him for nothing.

So exactly what is Jones waiting on? And what happened to his “do right” policy for Romo? If Jones really wants to do right by Romo, he’ll cut him right now. But he’s not.  Because he’s waiting on a trade that’s not going to happen.

And even worse, you have to wonder if he’s not cutting him, because he’s paranoid he’ll go someplace else and win a ring, and doesn’t want to give him a head start by letting him sign now and learn another team’s system. So he’s not doing right by the player. He’s doing right by himself. Just like every other owner does.

And Romo shouldn’t be surprised. He may have thought he was different, that he was special. But he’s not. Joe Montana didn’t end his career with the Niners. Brett Favre didn’t end his career with the Packers. Peyton Manning didn’t end his career with the Colts. And if Romo does want to continue playing, he’s not going to end his career with the Cowboys. And Jerry Jones, isn’t helping em, he’s hurting him, and he should be talking about his Romo do right policy, man!


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