If you thought Jay Cutler was worried about life as a free agent, think again. Because nothing says stress-free free agent like FREE BALLING.

Nothing says offseason like another trip to Mexico — where Cutty went SUNS OUT BUNS OUT for his wife — who melted the internet with a shot of Cutler going Statue of David as he looked out at the ocean and pondered what life would be like without a starting gig.

And you know what? Life looks pretty good. Because there’s Jay, soaking in the horizon, looking out over the ocean break BUTT-ASS NAKED, with Kristin nuking the internet — going Annie Leibovitz on him… A photo that had Brandon Marshall CRACKING UP after TMZ hit him with it.

The ultimate CURVEBALL. Because NOBODY is wondering why Cutty doesn’t have a job when his wife is dropping that kind of heat online. Nobody’s asking Jay if he’s willing to hold a clip board when he’s wearing nothing but a watch on an Instagram feed with 2.6 MILLION FOLLOWERS.

So after Kristin nuked the net with a less than flattering photo of Jay looking like the camera added a few dozen pounds to his midsection — contract or not, Cutler doesn’t look like a guy who is SWEATING the small stuff.


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