So Rog is ripping the Band-Aid. Of course, a Band-Aid off a full blown hemorrhage. After avoiding New England like it was some kinda plague, the Commish says he’s finally going back to Foxboro for the opener.

Very big of you, Rogah.

Like the guy had any other choice. Like we’d have bought any other excuse if the Commish wasn’t in Foxboro on September 7 at 8:30pm. It’s the season opener. The Commish is always there. So any other answer was basically the worst answer ever.

Because we already know how this goes. After showing up in Atlanta back to back weekends during the playoffs, instead of sucking it up and going to Foxboro, imagine how badly he’d get killed if he didn’t show up and take it? And for as bad as it’s gonna be — and it’s going to be bad. Really bad. If you’re going to get tarred and feathered, you might as well get it done at the banner celebration. If you’re going to go back, make nice and kiss Bob Kraft, the Hood and Tommy’s ring, it may as well LITERALLY be the Super Bowl ring.

Because Rog hasn’t been in Foxboro since the 2015 AFC Championship Game, when some rogue equipment guy coincidentally nicknamed “The DEFLATOR” may or may not have shaved a couple of PSI off a couple Wilsons. Since then… Let’s just say: Some accusations were made, things may or may not have escalated too far, and it’s all been slightly OCWOOD!!

But come on, Rog. That’s what Boston is all about. I have family in Boston. And it feels like every single family wedding I’ve been to in New England with an open bar. Somebody does something a little bit over the line. Crazy Uncle Rogah comes back with a response that’s WAY over the top. And next thing you know a couple wine glasses are broken, a table’s flipped, and cousin Regina is crying in the bathroom.

So no credit for finally getting around to doing something you should have done long ago. No credit for making a decision where you had no choice.

You can’t give a guy credit for making a decision where he had no choice.

Now, you just have to steel yourself for the heat you’re going to get… And find a way to be a hero. Chip off a round of beers to the crowd in Foxboro — on you. Get Hallmark to make you one of those “MY BAD” cards that you can put up on the Jumbotron. Leave a screening pass for the next Mark Wahlberg Saves Boston movie under every seat. And then to cap it all off, Deliver the stolen Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey back to TB12 himself at midfield before kickoff. Do all that and you might even have a shot at drowning out some of the boos.

Look, there’s No easy way to do this. But Rog needs to go to Foxboro. Because after turning something that should’ve been a slap on the wrist into World War 3, it’s on Rog to make this right. And that means going into the Lions Den and absolutely WEARING it. You can’t avoid it forever. And in fact, you can’t avoid it any longer.

You just need to make sure you have the right pump up mix while you’re on your way to the stadium. Can’t you just see the commish with the over ears, beats blasting the Dropkick Murphy’s in his head as he walks into the building?

Or the Rocky theme since he’s about to fight 70,000 Apollo Creeds?

Do what you have to do to get your head right. Just make sure you get your assss to Foxboro.


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