When you’re in it to win it. And anything short of a ring is a disappointment. And you’ve already won one, and just missed another, there’s really no such thing as a big regular season win. Except Golden State going into San Antonio and punking the Spurs last night was just that. In fact, that was a huge win.

Really, really good win for the Warriors and a really bad loss for the Spurs.

Great win for the Warriors, because the Spurs had cracked them twice this season by an average of 26. And it looked like another hospital job early on. The Spurs jumped the Warriors getting off the bus, going up 15-0 and then 23-3. Golden State was D.O.A.  riding an 8 game winning streak with a chance to make a stand and send a message to the team chasing them in the west, a team that had already smashed them twice this season, it just looked like the Warriors were not ready to play. 

Then a couple of things happen. The Spurs, who had the boot on their throat with a chance to choke them out, let up, and the Warriors went into splash mode. Going from down 22, to cracking them by 12 in their house.

Bad loss, because that just can’t happen. Not to that team, in their own house, this late in the season, against the team they’re chasing for the top seed in the west. A team they were 34-1 against, at home, over the last two decades. I’ve seen Golden State come back on plenty of chumps; but not San Antonio, and not down 22 in a must win game. But the Spurs, got up early, thought it was a boatrace, and got soft. Soft, careless with the rock, stopped defending them, and started settling for bad looks. Never think you’d see it from a Gregg Popovich coached team, not in a game that big. And that’s exactly what happened.

And it bit them in the ass and in all likelihood is going to cost them the number one seed in the west.

And they can lie to themselves and say it doesn’t matter, but it does. They don’t want to go to Oracle and deal with the Warriors in a Game 7. So they’re going to have wear that.   And it’s going to be in the back of their minds going forward. They blew a 22 point lead, at home, against Golden State, without Kevin Durant, in a game they had to have, with the top seed on the line. They couldn’t finish and that’s going to stick to them.



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