It’s been a minute since we checked in on DeMarcus Cousins. Dude has had himself a few months now.

I mean, I was in Sac Town for our station visit back in January: And all the talk then was about Boogie was staying with that nice fat contract they were about to put in front of him, and that despite all the issues and emotional baggage that he was dragging around, he might actually finish his career there. Only to have them rip that crazy extension from him and send him to New Orleans. Bad break for him, but a great break for the Pelicans, who at the time, appeared to have ripped the league’s best big from the Kings.

A great move that would undoubtedly put them in the playoffs, and put Boogie in the right frame of mind as he gets a fresh start and a chance to run with his buddy, the brow.  But that hasn’t happened either.

Things aren’t working out so great for him in New Orleans. Not if the high point of the move is him getting hooked by a couple of impostor Krispy Kreme employees courtside at a Lakers game earlier this month:


Still the early clubhouse leader for soundbite of the year. That started Boogie’s mouth, and now his old squad, the Sac-town Kings rolling through New Orleans will end it. Not that he knew anything about it. At least that’s what he said when reporters asked him how he felt going up against his former team for the first time since the trade.

I guarantee that’s not what he’s thinking going into tonight’s game. He’s thinking what Matt Barnes was saying prior to his first game back against the Kings after they cut him.  Barnes actually said what I’m sure Cousins is thinking. That I want to kill these guys.  His actual quote, “I’m trying to kill em. Plain and simple. Things didn’t go well there, they’re the enemy now so we’re trying to kill em. Beat em by 50.”

So while Cousins wouldn’t say it, you know that’s exactly what he’s thinking.

Because while he didn’t say it, he did light the Kings up to the undefeated: he was asked how he would have taken it if the Kings were straight up with him about wanting to move him: he said, Of course, I would’ve been mad. But I still would have respected it. Come to me like a man. I’m a human being at the end of the day. Don’t treat me like a f—ing piece of cattle.

There you go. He does want to kill them. Because they treated him like he was a bleeping piece of cattle. There you go, he will be looking to hang a 50 point beatdown on them.  And he is looking to kill them.


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