Death. Taxes. And a Derrick Rose knee injury. At this point, you could set your watch to it. Rose will undergo season ending knee surgery after tearing his left meniscus. And if you’re scoring at home, that now makes a shredded left ACL, a shredded right meniscus,  another torn right meniscus and now a torn left meniscus.

And while there’s never a good time to rip up your knee, this couldn’t have come at a worst time for Rose; he’s a free agent to be and was looking for huge jack this summer.

Jack, that given his numbers, someone may have even given to him. Instead, the season ends for him, just the way it started. In turmoil.

He started the year in court, instead of on the court dude was in a three piece instead of a gamer, posing with jury members and the judge after being a rape allegation. He then chased that with an unexcused trip back to Chicago, going totally AWOL, not telling the team where he was or what he was doing. And now, just 7 games short of getting to the finish line in one piece, he’s headed back to surgery. Again.

We’ll never know what this could have been. But we do know he’ll never be what he once was, regardless how hard he and his teammates argue that a torn meniscus really isn’t that big a deal. It’s not. In and of itself. But that didn’t happen in a vacuum. In fact, it happens to this guy all the time. And you can’t help but wonder how long before it happens again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rooting for it. And he really did have a pretty nice year. But with Rose, it’s not a question of if but a matter of when one of those spaghetti knees gives out.

And now that’s happened again, you have to wonder what’s going through this guy’s head. Sure, he’d like that one last, fat pay day. But at what cost. I mean, dude has board meetings and graduations to attend when his career is over. Last thing he wants is to hit all of that in a walker. Or have someone wheel him around from meeting to graduation and back.

The Knicks are not the “super team” Rose said they were going to be before the season started. And Rose, through no fault of his own, isn’t the supernova we all thought he’d be. Because being freaky isn’t nearly enough. You need to be durable and lucky as well, two things that Rose isn’t.

After yet another surgery, the question is, does Phil Jackson bring him back. An even better question is, does James Dolan bring Jackson back. And if not, how long until he brings back Isiah Thomas. And don’t tell me he hasn’t thought about it. Because you know he has.


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