Adrian Peterson is in New England today — the 32-year-old vet still looking for a job. And after visiting Seattle and leaving without a deal, after man-crushing on Jameis last week with no contract offer, after watching Minnesota sign Latavius Murray, it comes down to the Hood and AP trying to work out a deal.

And if Peterson is serious about playing next season, he better leave town with a contract in hand. Because we know what the Pats pay for running backs. And we know what AP wants to earn to play the position. But one of these guys isn’t going to blink.

And when the Hood slides that folded up square of paper across the desk and says (HOODY VOICE), “DO YOU WANT TO WIN A SUPER BOWL OR NOT?” Peterson should just say YES and sign without looking.

Otherwise, what’s the point? Because it’s pretty clear that if AP wants to play, he needs to get over himself.

Because at this point, what options are left? That less than subtle “Sup Giants?” tweet he sent in mid-February didn’t get them to bite. That shout-out he gave to Jameis Winston last week to his 1.25 MILLION FOLLOWERS still didn’t change the fact that the Bucs want nothing to do with him.

Peterson and his agent will have you believe it’s not what it appears. That he’s not going around demanding crazy dough. He even tried to get us to believe that by rushing to Facebook to post, “finding the best fit & helping a team in a major way win a championship is my main objective”…great prove it.

If you really want to prove you’re about the ring and the fit as opposed to the stacks, with New England for a much smaller base and a contract heavy on incentives. A contract that is in line with a 32-year old back, who carried it just 37 times for 72 yards last season.

Big Dawg, I know you think the laws of nature and Father Time don’t apply to you. That you’re different than the rest. But you’re really not. Maybe, it didn’t catch up to you as quickly as it does everyone else. Maybe you really heal quicker than everyone else. But you’re really no different than any other 32-year old, busted up back. And that’s not just me cracking open a mic and cracking on you. That’s essentially every team in the league giving you the same feed back. That’s why the Vikings let you go and why no one else has signed you. Because you’re no longer the back you think you are, nor are you worth the money you think you’re worth.

So go back and read your own Facebook post before you waste any more of the Hood’s time. They need a power back. But you need them a lot more than they need you. The  Hood knows that.

And if you’re smart, you will too.. Because after running for just 1.9 yards per carry, and after breaking down for the second time in the last three seasons, no matter what the Hood puts in front of you, the answer should be yes.


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