I hate to be the guy to bum rush and pile on the refs. They don’t have an easy gig.  Especially in that game with all the wide bodies. So generally, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. But there’s no getting around it; that was a horribly officiated game.

It’s the national title game, with the two best teams in the sport and stars on both sides.   Stay the hell out of the way and let the stars play.

Even LeBron James weighed in on twitter, thumbing out: “Man, I can’t watch this anymore man! I would like to see the kids decide who wins the game! I mean bruh!!!  Smh.” You mean, SMDH, bruh!!! He’s right.

I tweeted it last night. It was like the refs came to make their presence known. Because you can’t have teams in the double bonus with just under 11 minutes to play. And you can’t have stars fouling out with 5 minutes to go in the national title game, with plenty of others in foul trouble early on. Stay the hell out of the way and let em play. I’m not saying that’s why Gonzaga lost. Even those they got screwed by the refs with under a minute to go when Carolina was given the ball despite a replay showing Kennedy Meeks clearly out of bounds while trying to get the ball. I’m not saying that Gonzaga would have won if they got that call right. I’m saying the officials got that one as well as a number of others wrong. And that it wasn’t one of their best nights. In fact, it was one of their worst.


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