The Sports Business Daily is reporting that Tony Romo has agreed to a deal to replace Phil Simms as CBS’ top analyst this coming season. CBS reportedly outbid FOX for his services and if that’s the case, that means he’s probably through playing.

I say probably, because I don’t know whether or not there is an out in the deal that would allow him to rejoin the Cowboys or anyone else. The report states that a deal has yet to be signed but that there is a verbal agreement in place.

Makes perfect sense. Dude is picking lifestyle and family over getting his brains beaten in and it makes perfect sense. Jobs like that don’t come along very often, and could carry him into the next 20 years if he’s any good at it.

So I could easily see where he’d pick that over playing another year or two. For who? For what? A ring? That’s not guaranteed. But a high profile gig and a nice paycheck is if he accepts this gig. And he won’t be getting murdered in the pocket and risk breaking his back, again, and taking additional hits that could affect him both in the short term and down the road. He’s picking quality of life and his family over the game.

The question now is, will he stay retired. I mention that only because of an NFL Network report which says Romo would consider returning to the Cowboys if they really need him. Meaning if Dak Prescott gets badly hurt, Romo would considering returning. But it sounds as if he would only do it for the Cowboys and not another contender should their qb-1 go down.


So that means the Texans will most likely go into the season with Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden at q.b. not nearly as good as going into the season with Romo under center. But still much better than having Brock Osweiler back there. And the Broncos will have Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch compete for the starting job in Denver.


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