When you enter the field of sports media, there are a few ground rules you have to make sure you abide by. Like don’t root in the press box… don’t begin a “question” with “talk about” and here’s another good one: be sure you know whether the person you’re interviewing or asking a question to, won or not.

Take this reporter talking to Rafael Nadal after he LOST in the Miami Open Final to Roger Federer.

It’s bad enough to congratulate someone who just lost for winning… but then to double-down after you’re corrected? Now THAT’S hard hitting journalism.

“I lost by the way.”

Yeah, I know… but…. it’s a win anyway.

First off: no, you didn’t know. That’s why you FREAKING CONGRATULATED HIM FOR THE WIN! Second: since when is a loss a “win anyway?” What the hell does that mean? Who’s asking this question? Aristotle from the Deep-Thinking Times Tribune?

Maybe Raffy should be given a W for the way he handled that question in stride. The dude is beat. He’s tired. He just fell 6-3, 6-4 to R-Fed in the Miami Open Final. And yet he didn’t jump across that table when he was told he won… TWICE!

Look, the ceiling may be the roof. I can let that slide. Because for as ridiculous as that is, it’s still technically true.

But a loss is not a win anyway. Never has been. Never will be. Never has a person lost a game and added numbers to their win column. No one outside of Dwight Howard, at least.

I’ll say this… In this field, you ALWAYS have to be willing to ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS… So I guess I should give props to this woman. She actually did. She wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

You lost? Yeah, I know… but it’s a win anyway. HOW DO YOU FEEL?! Let’s not let the facts or the actual outcome of a match get in the way of a great question. I’m only sorry she wasn’t there to congratulate Mark Few on his amazing win in the NCAA title game Monday night and ask him how it felt to be atop the mountain looking down on everyone else.

Or how awesome would it have been had she hit Roy Williams with big ups after Kris Jenkins stabbed in the heart at the buzzer the year before.

But even better than her not even knowing the outcome of the event she was covering, was the guy who lost correcting her, and her just blowing through it like, whatever.  You’re still a winner in my book, Ralph, or whatever your name is.


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