Slide over, Big O. Russ Westbrook is joining you atop the NBA record books — with his 41st Triple Double of the season tying Robertson’s 55-year-old NBA record, as the Thunder smashing the Milwaukee Bucks 110-79. With OKC treating the Bucks like an absolute speed bag, Russ and the Gang ran Milwaukee out of the gym by halftime.

Then it was just a question of when he’d run down the Big O for most triple dubs in a single season. And the answer was…. with just a little more than 9 minutes left in the third quarter when Russ went quintessential Russ, — eating glass for his 10th board, running the court and the fast-break, and dropping a perfect dime on Taj Gibson to make history.


Even for Russ, what I watched last night was astonishing. Because he put his offense aside and just ran the show — the best fighter pilot in the world putting the F-16 down and playing air traffic controller instead. And during a season where it’s felt like Russ has dragged his teammates along with him for his one-man revenge tour, NINE guys scored 8 points or more — with Russ controlling the game as well as he ever has, but letting his teammates do the scoring. It was the kind of performance that Bucks coach Jason Kidd could appreciate, putting up a stat line like one the future Hall of Famer would’ve put up in his prime, all while absolutely dominating a good, young Bucks team.

Listen: This still doesn’t change my opinion on the MVP race. Not when there hasn’t been an MVP in the last 30 years whose team has finished lower than 3rd in their conference. Not when Russ has taken 350 MORE SHOTS than the next guy. You want to give him most unbelievable, I have no problem with that. Just not most valuable.

Yeah, I know. I know. Where would the Thunder be without this guy, Rome? Hate to answer a question with a question, but where are they with him? In sixth in the West.

Believe me, folks will remember his triple double campaign far longer than they will whoever wins the MVP this year. And if he doesn’t get it, you’re just topping his tank with even more rocket fuel for this guy going forward. This dude already hit the floor with league’s biggest chip on his shoulder. And that was before everyone said they’d be garbage without Kevin Durant. Imagine the sort of heat this guy will bring when he doesn’t win the MVP. So instead of freaking out if it doesn’t happen you should actually be rooting for it. Because as sick as he’s been this year, he’ll be even better next if he’s slighted again.. Trust me on that.


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