Talk about weird story. Dustin Johnson took a header down a staircase, jacking up his back to the point of causing the world’s top ranked golfer to withdraw on the first tee of the Masters. The freaking Masters?

I’m not saying this didn’t happen. But I will say it’s a weird story and something doesn’t sound right about it.

Really weird. That dude’s most whack injury since he had to pull out of the Masters in 2012 after tweaking his back lifting his jet ski. This doesn’t top that because the ol jet ski excuse is an all-timer, but it’s close.

What was this guy doing, wandering around the house in his spikes? Actually no, his agent says he had some socks on and just slipped on the bare wood. Mix in a pair of uggs, bro. Or one of those awesome chairs that slide up and down the wall that grandma and grandpa rock so hard.

I’m not saying this didn’t happen: but I am saying you could see where most people don’t believe it happened. It’s 2017: the year of fake news and cynicism. And let’s face it, it’s not like you can just give this guy the benefit of the doubt, given his proclivity to rage.  And his track record off the course. The best golfer in the world, just fell down a staircase the day before the Masters; I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m saying something doesn’t sound right about it.

Especially given the fact this is the same guy who had to pull out of the 2012 Masters after wrecking his back, quote, lifting a jet ski. Never mind that I’ve never actually seen someone attempt to lift a jet ski. Most people I know, just back the trailer into the lake and drive that water hog right into it. But that’s DJ’s story, whack as it sounds and he has stuck to it. Just like he’s sticking to the story about slipping on a staircase because he was wearing socks on wood.

That may even be true. Just don’t expect very many people to believe it, because most don’t. Fact is, this dude probably is never going to get the benefit of the doubt. Not then.  Not now. Probably not ever.


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