The NHL is not sending its players to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Which sucks. Because NHL players in the Olympics is awesome.

To me, the NHL playoffs are the best playoffs in sports, and NHL’ers in the Olympics is just as good. Maybe even better. And unlike other pro players, NHL’ers aren’t doing you a huge favor by showing up, they love it! And they’re pissed that they’re not getting to do it.

So whose fault is it: long and the short of it is, as great as it is for the players and the fans, the NHL probably doesn’t get helluva lot of out it. It’s supposedly done in the interest of growing the sport. But that’s debatable.

What’s not, is that it lines the pockets of the greedy IOC pigs. But the NHL isn’t getting paid on it. The IOC won’t even help defray the costs by picking up travel and insurance like they used to. So the NHL, figures it doesn’t really get much out of it, and their best players are at risk physically, and they don’t really give a damn about South Korea in 2018 so they pulled the plug.

I hate to see it. I know the players hate to see it. But I can also see the owners’ side. The NHL isn’t to blame here, the IOC is.

Some of the players say they’ll go anyway and deal with the repercussions; that’s how much it means to them. Sounds like Alex Ovechkin


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