Light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier made observers nervous Friday morning when he needed two attempts to make the 205-pound weight limit for his title fight in UFC 210 against challenger Anthony Johnson.

Afterwards, Cormier joined The Jim Rome Show and shared his initial reaction to weighing in at 206.5-pounds on his first weigh-in.

“I was confused, because on my scale upstairs, which we had matched to the one down stairs, I was weighting 205,” Cormier explained. “When I was a little heavy, I was like wow, something’s wrong with the scales. So when we walked to the back, I was really arguing and complaining, and in New York, I guess you have more than one opportunity to make weight, and if I did not make that weight, the New York State athletic commission would have allowed me two hours to make the weight because that’s the rule for championship fights here.”

The champion also talked about the relief he had after hitting weight on the second attempt.

“I was fired up man, because I was like I know what I saw on the scale when I left upstairs. So yeah, I was excited,” Cormier said. “I was relieved. I’m 38-years-old man, these weight cuts are tough. Every one of them are tough, and this one just happened to be a little bit tougher, but the last couple have been tough.”

His fight tomorrow night against Johnson will be a rematch of UFC 187, a fight Cormier won by third round submission. According to Johnson, he lost the fight because ‘he broke himself’ and the loss had nothing to do with Cormier. This, of course, was news to Cormier.

“I haven’t heard it, but I don’t understand how he broke himself,” Cormier said. “If I wasn’t out there grinding on him, pushing him against the octagon, taking him down, controlling him on the mat, he would not have gotten that tired.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t exert a lot of energy. If you’re exerting energy and not really getting zapped from the other guy then you’re going to be fine, you should be able to fight 25 minutes if you’re in control. It was my control and the pace in which I made him fight that really did zap him, so I don’t know why he’s saying that.”

With UFC 210 taking place in Buffalo, there’s plenty of speculation that the upstate native, former champion and Cormier rival, Jon Jones may be in attendance. When asked if he thinks Jones would actually enter the octagon after the fight, Cormier hesitated to answer but didn’t like the idea.

“I don’t think, maybe. I mean, I don’t know, because we don’t know what Jon Jones is thinking,” Cormier said. “But if he comes into the octagon, the guy is still suspended you know. It’s like you can’t even really schedule a fight against Jon Jones because he’s not eligible, so he shouldn’t come into the octagon.”

Cormier indicated viewers might get another show if Jones does.

“If he does come into the octagon, after I’m getting my belt strapped around me, maybe I’ll have another fight right in there,” Cormier said. “Dangerous whenever we are close to each other anyways but you don’t want him to come in with all that adrenaline of a fight, that’s still inside of the other guy.”


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