Kevin Durant is ready to rejoin the Warriors for their game against the Pelicans.

And now that he’s back, so are all the ridiculous questions about how he’ll fit in? How is this going to work? Will it wreck chemistry? And their flow? And their rhythm. And if it’s not broken, why are they trying fix it. There’s just one basketball. It won’t work.  You know all the same garbage that people were spewing when the deal was first announced. All the same garbage that was disproven during the season before he got hurt.  Yet, it starts up all over again.

Arian Foster said it best on this show a few years back: “people complain a lot.” That’s true. And they had hate a lot. And they have really bad takes. Lots of them. And saying that Durant coming back isn’t a good thing and that the Warriors are better without him, is a really, really bad take. Draymond Green said as much when he appeared on the show earlier this week, calling all those hot takes: “bizarre.”

Bizarre. And pretty stupid actually. How does a four-time scoring champ, MVP and future Hall of Famer not improve a team.

I don’t care how he or they look this weekend or even next week: so I’ll just say now what I said then. I have no problem with Durant jumping to Golden State. And if there’s a team that can handle adding a player of that caliber to a team of existing stars, it’s the Warriors. And he’ll make them much better not worse. And I’m riding with them. I was then. And I will now. Regardless of the imbecility that hot lava nation is spewing right now.


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